Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Get It Now

Years ago when my husband had his very first bike race, I invited my sister to go along with me. This offer was mostly done out of selfishness - I had never been to a bike race and didn't know what to expect. I was completely surprised when she said yes, she would like to do the 4 hour drive to Wintrhop, stand in the woods, watch her brother-in-law race, and drive back, all in one day. Happy, but also a little surprised. This happened 8 (give or take) years ago when her kids were around 4 & 6. I was still newly married, going to graduate school, living in an apartment, and having nothing more pressing then a paper to write. The trip to Winthrop meant a day off to my sister. No kids to feed, dress, wipe, play with, or parent. She could just sit and watch the trees go by.

8 years later, my sister's kids are 12 and 14. Mine are 4, 2, and 5 months. The other night I was walking in the pitch dark, in pouring rain and smiling. I was completely drenched, from the tips of my fingers to my very cold toes (and some unfortunate places in between). I was dragging a very wet, ill-tempered dog with me, who in no way wanted to be out in the weather. In between checking for danger - it is dark out - I was just so happy. I had one hour to myself. No kids to wrangle into the stroller or the Bjorn, no crying, or whining. I know that when I walk back into the house the chaos will return. Kids will be crying, dog will be barking, and my life will resume, but at this moment I am alone.

I get now why my sister jumped at the chance to drive to Winthrop. I actually pay someone to watch the kids for an hour so I have the opportunity to walk in the rain. And I am smiling as I go!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Letter From Finn

Dear Mom,

I heard you were worried that I was sleeping too much at night. You even were getting up at night to check on me. Well, I don't want to worry you so I will help you out. From now on I won't sleep at all. Okay, that isn't truly possible so I will take very short naps once or twice a day. I will sleep just until you relax your guard and start a project and then "wah!" there I will be!

At night, after many hours of rocking, you can try to put me down. I will give all the signs that I am asleep, deep breathing, spit out the pacifier, limp limbs, etc. I will even let you lay me down, but once you take one step away from the crib, "wah!". Awake I will be!

You can even try sleeping with me. I really like that because I can eat whenever I want to. But everytime you get up to take care of my sick brothers, I will be waiting for you to get back. To show you how much I really love you, I will even give up some sleep and decide that 4:00 a.m. is a good time to just be awake. Oh, I won't be mad, I will just be awake so you won't have to worry.

See, Mom, it is true what they say about the third baby. I am pretty mellow, easy going, and adaptable. I will be the compliant one for you. I will do what I can to make your life easier.

You don't really like to sleep, right?

Love, Finn

Friday, October 9, 2009

Amy and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

This may sound a bit dramatic but it pretty much sums up my week so far.

Monday was a lovely day. I had a playdate in the morning where I had a piece of yummy pumpkin pie. Then we met a friend at a park in the afternoon. We got home just in time to make dinner before Brandon came home. Little did I know that was to be my very best day.

Tuesday the boys and I were up and out of the house early, on our way to spend the day up North. I stopped at my favorite plant farm, picked up lots of great plants, and then spent the day at my moms. It was hectic but fun and the boys loved being at "grammy's house'. When we got home the weather was still nice and I had some plants I dug up from my mom's yard to plant. Pretty soon the phone rings and it was my husband. I kid you not, this was the phone conversation we had:
Me: Hello?
B: Um, I'm sorry but I fell off my bike.
Me: Oh, okay, do you need us to come get you?
B: No
Me: Okay, so you will be late?
B: Well, yes, actually they are taking me to the hospital. NW.
Me: The ambulance is there?
B: Yes
Me: Are you hurt?
B: No it is just a precaution, a paramedic was driving by.
Me: Okay, so you're not hurt. But we need to go to the ER to get you?
B: Yes
Me: Okay, I will get McD's for the boys and be there.
Called a few people, packed up the boys and off we went. When we trailed into the ER, me carrying the baby in his carseat and an orange drink, J. with his happy meal and drink, and Micah with his happy meal open as he was stealing french fries, we were startled to see Brandon. We turn the corner and see him sitting on the bed, blood pouring down his neck from the cut to his chin, his arm wrapped in gauze, and him saying the pain was a level '7' when the dr. tried to move his arm. So, not really a precaution, huh.

Wednesday I had to pick J. up early from preschool drive everyone to the dentist to see if Brandon had knocked his tooth loose with his fall, try to get the boys to eat a picnic lunch at the park, and get them home with no one falling asleep. That evening we were putting shoes on to take the older 2 to church when I realized M. felt warm. Found the thermometer and sure enough he had a fever. I told him he couldn't go with us and M. just started sobbing. I was already running late and Brandon told me to just go. I looked at him standing there with his arm in a sling, the baby crying, and now M. sobbing and trying to put his shoes on himself. I said a few choice words about how I was feeling before leaving to go teach preschoolers all about forgiveness.

Thursday I got up at 5:00, went to work, left early because I had to get home to my sick baby and because my sister came down early to babysit. Got everyone fed, bathed, and into bed before collapsing on the couch. I spent most of the night worrying about my baby because he fell asleep at 5:30 and never woke up until the next morning. I kept getting up to check on him because I thought he should wake up to eat. Plus getting up when my toddler woke up crying and J., woke up to use the bathroom.

Friday comes along and M. is worse. I have to admit I am a little worried about Swine Flu. I have avoided all discussions of this illness because I do not want to be crazy but yikes, how do you know if you have it!? I called the doctor, was able to get an appointment, picked up Jack early again from school and went to the doctors. He is fine, at least they didn't seem to think he needed to be screened for S.F. On the way home the high school boy my husband asked to mow our lawn showed up. Of course the lawn is full of toys and Nemo droppings. I have to rush home, clean up the yard, get the kids unloaded, fed, and into nap time. I admit there was a whispered phone call to my husband where I told him how I felt about cleaning up all the piles left from Nemo.

Now it is Friday night, both boys have fevers and are cranky. My husband, if possible, looks actually worse then the night of the accident, and the baby is once again in bed. I have my favorite ice cream in the freezer, some flowers on the table, and Project Runway on the DVR. I should go to bed and get some sleep before tomorrow is here, but I think instead, I will lay on the couch, eat ice cream, and watch my favorite show. I need a little 'me' time right about now.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Goodbye Westy, Hello Golf?

It was a sad day for our family as we let our beloved Westfalia Camper Van go. A huge factor in deciding to have three kids was the knowledge that we would no longer fit into our Westy. We discussed adding a 'jump' seat behind the front passenger seat to give us 5 seat belts. In the end, we knew that even if we could all safely ride in the van, where would we all sleep?
Since it was summer and good camping weather we listed the Westy one Sunday night. Immediately our inbox was full. See, we are not the only people to love these vans! A lady came that evening to look at it ready to buy the van. We were not so ready to say goodbye. The deal was done as she also fell in love with the van at first sight. She had already planned a camping trip with her 8-year old daughter and was so excited to have this van. One kid, totally you can camp in it, three not so much.
We still had to break the news to the boys. I had hoped to have one last farewell ride in our beloved van but it was not to be. When we told the older boys we were selling the Westy because we did not all fit, they asked if we could send Finn back. See, we all fit just fine when it was the four of us.
When we said goodbye for the final time, I had all the boys climb in the van (well, Finn was just placed in there) fora final picture. We had some good times in this van. Micah's first camping trip at 3 months, 11 days spent camping in it last summer, and countless adventures with Dad around Seattle. I even spent a week driving it around Seattle when our old car was dying. I made my husband promise me, we would one day have a Westfalia for just us. While tent camping is not my favorite thing to do, I did love camping in this van.
As we said goodbye to the Westy, we said hello to a little VW Golf. This car was intended to be used as my commuter car to Bellevue and for quick errand with one or two boys. It is VERY small but can fit all the car seats in it. Why is this important, you ask? Because since being rear-ended last week, it is the only car I have been driving. We were lucky to have just bought this litter car with 5 seat belts as our van quickly became un-driveable. You could probably drive it if you didn't mind stopping to pick up the bumper when it finally fell off the car you were driving.
As my husband reminded me just the other day, we were lucky to have the Golf as a second car since all the boys fit. The Golfy (as the boys call it) has been very useful but every time I see a Westfalia on the road my heart hurts a little. One day, I say, you will be mine again. But until then, I will just have to hold on to the memories.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Perfect Imperfect Moment

Today I decided we are going to do some sort of water activity. At first I had planned to do a wading pool near my house that the boys always ask to go to. Even though it is hideously crowded with very little shade, I was going to suck it up and go. Then I woke up today to clouds and mist. Not cool. So, plan B was to go to a local beach. My husband swore the older two boys loved to go there and that it wasn't crowded. I figured on an overcast Friday I would probably be okay.

In my mind I was going to spend nap time leisurely getting ready, have the car packed, wake the boys and skedaddle. Of course, my two year old won't go to sleep, my four year old wants to do what I am doing, and my 2 month old was in serious "hold me" mode. I spend 45 minutes running around the house trying to finish getting ready (the one day I do not put on my make-up before my husband goes to work), packing food, clothes, and diapers. Trying to figure out how to get everything from the car to the beach with only one adult, and so on.  And the weather is still cloudy. I figure that if we are going to the beach it will probably be even more overcast and windy there, so I better pack for cool weather. Sweats, long sleeves, definitely no swim clothes - brr! Wake up my two year old who is now tired and clingy, continue to carry the baby, and try to force the four year old to go the bathroom and get dressed. Because everyone is still in their pajamas! 

For one brief moment I thought I would bring my camera. I wanted to be able to post these amazing pictures of my kids at the beach. The boys would be in cute clothes, smiling at the camera, showing their sweet, angelic, faces.  By the time we were out the door, with all the crying and whining from everyone, the camera was purposely left on the mantle.  All I wanted to do now was hit the new drive through espresso stand (which of course was closed) and get to the beach. 

Did I mention that the weather was overcast at my house? Apparently, the beach was the only sunny place in Seattle this afternoon. By the time we got there the clouds were gone and the sun was brightly shining.  We were all sweating a little by the time I got the three boys, two bags, two buckets with shovels, and beach blanket to an area equal distance from the bathroom and the beach.  My baby of course was hungry so I settled down to feed him, confident the older boys would be content digging in the sand next to me. Of course not, how could I be so silly! They wanted to go to the water or walk on the logs or run as far away as possible as I sat in the sand and tried to discreetly nurse while also calling out in a sweet/scary voice "Boys that's too far!"

Finally I had the baby in the bjorn, all the stuff packed back up and headed down to the water with the boys. It was at this point that I wished I had my camera, the weather was beautiful, the sun was sparkling on the water, and the boys were awfully cute. Then I realized that my older son's shirt was on backwards.  His response whenever I mention that his clothes or shoes are on wrong is "I like it that way" so I had stopped checking. And yes, today his clothes were on backwards. And since I did not bring swimsuits all the boys wanted to do was swim. Before long both were wet up to their  knees, then their thighs, then OH MY!, up to their heads and then under. I just laughed as my oldest came sputtering up from underwater, drenching wet and looking at me like "what just happened?".  A little too deep I think, but all was well. I had extra clothes, albeit, sweats and sweatshirts, but whatever.

All in all we had a great time. Three trains went by much to the excitement of my toddler, the weather was beautiful, the baby finally fell asleep, and no TV was watched! At the end, I did not have a photograph to show and amaze you with, but tonight when I tucked my boys in and asked them what made them happy today they both said "Playing at the beach".  That was a moment I want to capture.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What Made You Happy Today?

We started asking this question at the dinner table after hearing about it in a parenting class. We start with what made you happy, then mad, then sad.  We try to do this most evenings, but since Finn was born dinner time has become even more chaotic.

The other night I had gone up to check on my 2 older boys, to see if they were finally asleep. One was, but Jack was laying there awake. I laid down in bed to snuggle him and realized we had not asked our question at dinner. I asked him what made him happy today.  "Seeing D/L" was his immediate response. "D/L" are his 14 and 12 year old cousins, respectively. We only saw "L" today but their names seem to always be said as one.  I should have known this would be his response. We were lucky enough to have "L" stay with us on a sleep over. We went to a bike race, ate my favorite ice-cream, went to lunch, and even got to spend time at the beach. It had been a busy 24 hours, but his favorite part was just seeing "L".

I knew how much both my boys love their cousins but I was reminded of it again today. We had to take "L" up to meet her mom as our sleep over was at an end. I told the boys we were taking "L" home and we loaded up the car. Both of them fell asleep and slept all the way through the drop off and did not wake up until we were safely home. I had had some bad traffic and it had been a long day, so I did not think anything of it. I woke up Micah and carried him inside and sat him on the couch, where he immediately began screaming. I went back for Jack but he refused to get out of the car. I brought in Finn, went back and unloaded all of our beach gear and finally forced Jack out of the car. I put him on the couch and went back to get Micah, who at this time was SCREAMING, not crying or sobbing mind you, and clawing at the back gate. I carried him back inside and found Jack standing in the middle of the room.

He looked at me and his lower lip stared to quiver. "Where is "L"?" he asked. Oh no, was my first thought as I stared in horror at the big tears rolling down his face. I just assumed the boys were as tired and cranky as I was. I totally forgot they did not see "L" get out of the car and only woke up once we were home. They both thought she was still here. I scooped him up and held him close as I told him "L" was at her house. Then he just started crying. I can handle screaming, yelling, temper-tantrums, but the truly sorrowful crying just breaks my heart.  

I went back to Micah and asked him if he was looking for "L". He was. We had to go back to the car, look inside, before he finally stopped screaming. By this time he was bright red and starting to hyperventilate from all the screaming. I felt so bad.

I got them both settled on the couch, and even though it was not our schedule, I asked them if they wanted to watch a show. Oh, that would make them so happy.  I had one moment of peace before I turned on the TV only to find it broken. Oh, the tears started again.

We ended up being okay, and I was glad to know that seeing "L" made him happy, especially after the disastrous homecoming we had. 

Although, when I asked him what made him sad he did say "falling off the sled".  Hmm... not exactly sure where that came from.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I hate feet. I think this is partly because mine are both very dry and very ticklish. A very challenging thing, when  even putting lotion on your feet makes you laugh.  I do not like to have my own feet touch, much less touch someone else's feet.

This is proving to be a challenge for me because my oldest son loves to touch me with his feet. During quiet time he sits on one end of the couch. I am passed out on the other - hoping to catch a few minutes of sleep.  My son loves when we "snuggle" on the couch. This usually means, he stretches out his legs and puts his feet on me. I might be able to handle it, if the feet were still. But, nope, they are in constant motion. They are on my legs, they are on my back, they are slightly kicking me, now they are rubbing me. I keep making myself smaller, and smaller, hoping he can no longer reach me, but apparently he has really long legs. I tell myself, I can do it, I can have him put his feet on me, but pretty soon I am off the couch and moving far away.

We continue to have the feet problem even at dinner. I sit next to my older son at dinner. Everything starts out good. We are sitting, eating, talking. Then pretty soon, I feel a tap against my leg. Then a rubbing motion, then finally just a constant touch. His foot has found my leg again. I have tried to explain that we don't touch feet at dinner, but his only response is "why not".  

The feet, that at one time were this tiny, are now big, dirty, smelly, and being rubbed all over my body.

Monday, June 29, 2009

What a Difference a Year Makes

This was on our 10 year anniversary last year. We went to our very favorite place, Winthrop, and stayed at the Sun Mountain Lodge.  It was the farthest away we had ever been from our children, but we loved the beauty of the place and the time together.
This was us on our 11 year anniversary. We knew we would either be at the hospital in labor, have a days old newborn, or be days away from having our baby. A big date was not really in the plans.  Instead, we thought it would be fun to do something as a family.  A few years ago we went to Maggie Bluffs for dinner and then walked around the Ballard Locks. We weren't up for a restaurant but thought we could pick up some teriyaki or something similar and have a picnic at the Locks.
Apparently, our anniversary was the day all of Seattle was having some sort of festival. We knew about the Rock'n'Roll Marathon, and the Gay Pride Parade, but we did not know about the Greenwood Car Show - where we tried to pick up take out. Or, the wedding at the Locks just as we were trying to find a parking spot.
We ended up at a neighborhood park in Ballard. All the kids wanted was a playground and because it had been so hot, we wanted a shady place to eat. This park was perfect.  Until we sat down and had a mini-wind storm. The kids were shaking and asking for jackets I did not pack. Finn only had a light receiving blanket because I wasn't expecting it to be cold.  And, all the leaves and tree debris was falling into our meal. Luckily, you couldn't really tell what was a spice and what was dirt so we just ate it anyway.  
The kids ended up having a great time. Brandon and I smiled at each other and said, not quite as relaxing as last year, but exciting to have our family all together.
11 years, 3 boys, countless bike races and cups of coffee, later and here we are.

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Three Sons

Jack Oscar

Leaving NW Hospital for the first time.

Micah Allen

Getting to know Micah

Finn Carlson

Leaving NW Hospital for the last time.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bath - Yes, Baby - No, Up - Not So Much

We have a functioning bath again, complete with a real floor! 
The boys are so happy to have a bath in their house. Each night they ask to take a bath before bed!
After several false starts I have decided this baby has no desire to be born. So after church I was doing this:

For a family outing this afternoon we decided to take the boys to see Up. We knew it was a risky move to take Micah to a movie, but we thought with popcorn and candy we would make it.  20 minutes into the movie he was on the stairs eating fallen popcorn and slowly making his way out the door. Brandon and I have a rule, no movies while I am pregnant. I tend to cry at anything. I knew the beginning was sad, unfortunately that is all I got to see. I was able to be in the theater just long enough to cry and then follow Micah outside. I did hear from Brandon that it was a pretty good movie. I guess I will see it on DVD.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 17

That is how long it has been since I have had a shower in my house.  When I left for Seaside, I had a shower that looked like this:
I came home to this:
And this:

The plan was to demo the upstairs shower (the only working one) replace the old pipes and then tile in the downstairs bath. It seemed like an easier job then re-tiling the upstairs shower and would also give me the ability to bathe the kids again. With the countdown on for the new baby, a working bathtub was a priority! 

Unfortunately, we misjudged how long it would take to drywall, prep, tile, plumb, grout, seal, etc, and have been showerless for over two weeks.  When  I left on Friday for Seaside, I said, please don't make me come home to no shower. No problem, my husband replied.  When I was leaving Seaside on Monday and knew there was no hope for a shower, I said, by Saturday I will have a shower.  Oh sure, my husband replied.  On Sunday when I knew we were still a ways from a shower, I said, please don't make me go to work on Thursday with no shower. Of course not, my husband replied.

Now I say nothing. Tile is up, grout is in and now we are waiting for it to dry. Tuesday at the latest, my husband tells me.  It's okay, I've got several friends who have offered their shower. I don't even know what it will be like to wake up in the morning and shower in my own house.  Or to take a shower for two days in a row. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


It is officially June and that means baby month. Yes, it is possible I could be late and the baby could be born in July, but based on my other 2 babies, not likely.  This last week I finally got the baby's 'room' ready. By room, I mean cleaned out space in our room to put a changing table, cradle, and rocker.  The actual baby room is still technically called "The Rat Room" for reasons I think you can figure out.

Knowing that the baby would be in our room for a looong time, I was not anxious to start setting up. But once the changing table came upstairs, I wanted it full of baby things. Now I have my cradle with a clean sheet, a new changing table pad and cover, and baskets of newborn diapers. When I opened the package of diapers, my heart did a little flip. I forget how tiny the baby is. These are the tiniest, most sweet smelling (at least now) diapers and I love them. It is a fleeting moment before you move onto the next stage and I just want to savor each moment with this baby.

Last night I was going through the drawers looking at all the baby clothes. There is not much in there yet, as we have to wait for the baby to join us to know if it is a boy or girl.  I have teeny, tiny yellow, green, and white onesies that I just hold up and can't believe they will be that small. I have my absolute favorite nightgowns that all my babies have worn until Brandon reminds me that I have boys, not girls. In my defense, they make nighttime changes so much easier!  Then I have just a handful of "day" sleepers that the baby will wear during the day, again all neutral colors. If this baby is a boy (which my dr. is convinced of) I have a whole tub of clothes waiting, if not, my mom already said she is buying PINK everything! 

The other night I was pulling clothes out of the bin and I held up one of the sleepers and said to Brandon, in an embarrassingly high-pitched voice, "We are having a baby!". He just smiled at me and said, he knew.  

I've spent so much time agonizing over how it will be with three kids, possibly three boys, that I forgot how absolutely exciting it will be to bring home our last baby. Now, I am ready.  Not for the sleepless nights, endless crying, or constant nursing. But for the tiny, little body, that will snuggle up on my chest. To smell that sweet baby smell again, and wait eagerly for the first smile and recognition that yes, I am his (or her) mom.

4 more weeks and counting!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

First and Last

First Day of School

Last Day of School

Today was Jack's last day of preschool.  I can't believe the  year is already over and how much he has grown.  I took the day off work to be able to go to his year end 'performance' and picnic.  Even though he sings the songs at home, you can tell from the pictures his reaction to singing with a group. I do not think performing arts is in his future!  

Singing for the Parents

My Graduate!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Things They Say

I have a journal where I try to write down the things Jack and Micah say. Sometimes they are so funny I can hardly stand it.  Unfortunately, most seem to revolve around bathroom humor, which may not be the most appropriate.

I did have a very proud moment this weekend when my 4 year old said to me "Mom, today I will put on my make-up myself" and then "I have to look pretty for Father's Day".  Yes, that is my boy.

Today, though, we were sitting outside for dinner when he started in on his 'Are you a Grandma?' routine. We go through this every few days and I always tell him that I am not a grandma.  

This time I changed my tactic and replied, "No, I am a mom, aunt and sister". 

"Who is your sister?"

"Ocho and Aunt Lisa are my sisters"

Then I smile at Jack and ask, "Who is your sister?"

He starts to say he doesn't have one and then stops and replies: "In your tummy!"

Oh, baby, I wish I knew!  I think you might be shocked to find out you are getting another brother. 5 more weeks and we should finally know!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Top 10 Things I Love About Seaside

10. The beach - it is the only time we really go to the beach and I love sitting there watching the waves.

9. Norma's Fish and Chips - hands down best fish and chips ever. You have to order the full meal, otherwise you leave wanting more.

8.  Swimming - okay, that isn't really true, but I know my boys will love to swim in a pool.
7. 1$ Ice-Cream - even though you have to smile at the cheesy line the Candyman says with each scoop, it is good cheap, ice-cream.

6.  The Snacks - even though we are trying to eat more healthy this year, it is the one time I shop for chips and candy. We always end up with too much food and slightly sick stomachs, but it wouldn't be Seaside without nachos, Uncle Dan's and tubs of licorice!

5. No Men - sorry, honey, but this is girls (and kids) only.  I love that we take our kids on this crazy adventure, where we eat candy and ice cream, lay in our pajama's reading (okay not so much with the young ones now) and sit on the beach even in the pouring rain.  No man is there to say "So, what are we going to do now". This is it, this is all we do.
4. Pizza! - I love the pizza restaurant we go to the 2nd night, loud, family friendly, and yummy pizza. Now, if only I don't lose Jack this year, it will all be good!

3.  Tilt-a-Whirl - for 7 years I have taken my niece and nephew on the tilt-a-whirl, it is our tradition. We started when we barely had enough weight to make it spin once, to being able to spin until we puked. Unfortunately, I can not do the tilt-a-whirl this year and it is devastating to me!

2. Salt-Water Taffy - this year I will have to get a bag just for the boys, I don't share well.
1.  Sister Time - the whole reason we started in the first place. The one time we do something just us, some of our best stories are about what happened at Seaside.
Seaside, here we come!

Friday, May 8, 2009

"Stamp Out Hunger"

Tomorrow is the 17th annual "Stamp Out Hunger" food drive, supported by your local post office. Yesterday I had a blue plastic bag left in my mail box. I brought it in, but it somehow ended up laying in the middle of the floor all night. I knew where it was because I could hear the dog walking over it as I laid on the couch watching ANTM.  

I knew I had some cans in the cupboard I could put in there and be done. But then today I was reading the Seattle times and came across this article.  The Bible study I have been in has been going though the book of James, as is our Sunday school class. We talk alot about how to help others but can get caught up in the realities of life.  We tend to focus on all the obstacles in the way (time, kids, opportunity) of truly being able to have faith and deeds work together.

Now that I have become a Costco member I actually have a pantry stocked with dry goods.  Yes, they are for my family, and yes, I plan to use them, but do I have to have 12 cans of soup in my cupboard today? Not really, instead I went though and pulled out alot of the 'bulk' canned items I have saved up. I can go to Costco next week, the people who are standing in line for the food bank can not.  

I encourage you to fill your blue plastic bag with food and leave it outside tomorrow. The line for the food banks is growing, please, do what you can to help put food on the shelves for those in need.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Why Does it Always Rain on Me?

Well, it doesn't actually rain and that is the problem. For the past several weeks I have been slowly planting seeds both in my flower beds and now in my new vegetable beds, and transplanting flowers to different parts of the yard. Every sunny afternoon (and some chilly) we are outside weeding, planting, and getting our yard ready for summer. It has been very exciting to see the yard take shape this year.

Unfortunately, with all the planting and transplanting I have been doing I need rain. I hate to start watering this early in the year, especially when I know we will be watering alot during the summer months.  Each day I check the weather and hope for some rain.  This week it showed 2 days of rain. I was excited, not to be trapped inside, but to know my plants would get some much needed moisture. The rain did not come, some showers did, but the ground did not get a good soaking. Then we had 2 really nice days of sun. It was lovely but back to my water dilemma.

Last night I looked out at my recent transplanted flowers and realized they were not looking so good. All of the stems and leaves were on the ground looking very wilted. I knew I needed to get out and water them but I wasn't feeling so good.  I either have the swine flu or a sinus infection, it is hard to tell the difference. I rationalized my laziness by knowing it was going to rain today.  They only had to make it one more day.

I got up today all ready for rain. I knew we wouldn't play outside or take a walk. I had a very mellow inside day planned with the boys because it was going to rain. At 10:00 I asked my husband where the rain was. He checked his high-tech phone and told me it was at Greenlake, would be here soon. And he was right - not long after it did start to sprinkle. I was so happy. I kept checking the window, watching the rain, looking at the ground, not too long later it stopped. I went outside to check and the ground was barely wet. The area under the trees was still dry. It is early, I thought, and went back inside to wait for more rain.

Several hours and a nice nap later, I looked outside to see SUN! This was not expected and not necessarily a happy surprise. My oldest son was happy but I knew what this meant. I was going to have to break down and water my plants.  Outside I went, in my fat pants and slippers, and watered all the plants in my front yard and the new vegetable garden in my back. I even got to say "hello" to the neighbors on a walk, who were probably wondering why I was outside dressed like that and watering my plants on a 'rainy' day.

I finished up, came inside, and started dinner.  As I was cooking I realized it was getting darker and darker. I went to the window to see dark, gray, storm clouds, filling up the sky. My husband walked in from running an errand and just laughed. It's raining now, he said, and it was just starting to really rain. No sprinkles or showers here. Hard rain you can hear hitting the window and soaking all of my freshly watered plants.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

"It's a Boy"*

*Disclaimer: That is just based on a feeling.

Prince Jack

I really don't know what we are having, but I was looking in the mirror at my stomach yesterday and I thought, "Hmm, that looks EXACTLY like my last two pregnancies". Low, and straight out, like a basketball. It isn't higher, or rounder. I had a sense of deja vu and thought, "This has to be a boy".  I also have had a highly scientific test performed on my (it involved human hair and a ring) and that also predicted a boy. I do realize that if I wanted to know it would have been very easy at either my 1st or 2nd ultrasound. But I don't, not really. My husband hates to know. He thinks it is the very best surprise and I do agree that my second child really did surprise me.  This time, I come and go about how I feel. Some days I really want to know and be done with it all, other days I know the moment of birth when my husband says: "It's a ***" will be one of those unforgettable moments.  But at this moment, I truly believe it is another boy.

My sister sent me this article today. I started reading it and realized this was everything I had been feeling (well up until the point where she does find out what she is having) but the stares, the questions, the comments, the absolute different behavior of boys. I read it with a smile, thinking, I knew exactly what she was talking about.  I love my boys, I love how much they love their mom, but their constant source of energy tends to leave me drained.  I am working on playtime with boys  - it tends to involve cars, trains, or forts.  That or running - not something I am doing well with right now.  But they are so sweet and they are what I know.

Today at work a friend was telling me all about an incident with his daughter and sand. I added it to my list of pros for having another boy - no serious sand in the diaper issues here. Although we have a new rule: No peeing in our front yard or the neighbors yard. We are working on this.  

I am really okay either way. I will be glad to be done with the question: Are you hoping for a girl?  But I still need a name, boy or girl, we still have no real names.

Prince Micah

Friday, April 17, 2009


That is what Micah says when asked how old he is today.  Math is not yet his strength!

"Good Morning" to the birthday boy

Dropping Jack off at preschool

Watching the trains with Daddy

Enjoying a Mighty O sprinkle doughnut all by himself

Really loving the sprinkles

Teriyaki Chicken for lunch, because this is the one day mom isn't supposed to make lunch

Not eating lunch, probably too full from the doughnut

Running at the park after nap time

Birthday ice cream at Tutta Bella - and we forgot the candle!

Opening his present - a race track for cars

Setting up the airplane