Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Things They Say

I have a journal where I try to write down the things Jack and Micah say. Sometimes they are so funny I can hardly stand it.  Unfortunately, most seem to revolve around bathroom humor, which may not be the most appropriate.

I did have a very proud moment this weekend when my 4 year old said to me "Mom, today I will put on my make-up myself" and then "I have to look pretty for Father's Day".  Yes, that is my boy.

Today, though, we were sitting outside for dinner when he started in on his 'Are you a Grandma?' routine. We go through this every few days and I always tell him that I am not a grandma.  

This time I changed my tactic and replied, "No, I am a mom, aunt and sister". 

"Who is your sister?"

"Ocho and Aunt Lisa are my sisters"

Then I smile at Jack and ask, "Who is your sister?"

He starts to say he doesn't have one and then stops and replies: "In your tummy!"

Oh, baby, I wish I knew!  I think you might be shocked to find out you are getting another brother. 5 more weeks and we should finally know!

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Michelle said...

Jack says things that are so funny, sometimes I just laugh and say, "you are a silly monkey!" which makes him laugh. Hope to hear a lot more from my silly monkey nephews this weekend!