Thursday, July 16, 2009


I hate feet. I think this is partly because mine are both very dry and very ticklish. A very challenging thing, when  even putting lotion on your feet makes you laugh.  I do not like to have my own feet touch, much less touch someone else's feet.

This is proving to be a challenge for me because my oldest son loves to touch me with his feet. During quiet time he sits on one end of the couch. I am passed out on the other - hoping to catch a few minutes of sleep.  My son loves when we "snuggle" on the couch. This usually means, he stretches out his legs and puts his feet on me. I might be able to handle it, if the feet were still. But, nope, they are in constant motion. They are on my legs, they are on my back, they are slightly kicking me, now they are rubbing me. I keep making myself smaller, and smaller, hoping he can no longer reach me, but apparently he has really long legs. I tell myself, I can do it, I can have him put his feet on me, but pretty soon I am off the couch and moving far away.

We continue to have the feet problem even at dinner. I sit next to my older son at dinner. Everything starts out good. We are sitting, eating, talking. Then pretty soon, I feel a tap against my leg. Then a rubbing motion, then finally just a constant touch. His foot has found my leg again. I have tried to explain that we don't touch feet at dinner, but his only response is "why not".  

The feet, that at one time were this tiny, are now big, dirty, smelly, and being rubbed all over my body.

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