Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thanks Again, Mom!

Remember this post, from way back in January?  Now that summer is here, we can official begin backyard fire pit season. Or as I like to call it: "Most Stressful Summer Event of my Life".

Let's review: sticks - check, absurdly high fire - check, chairs moved really close to the fire - check, check, and check. Shirts optional.

I spend most of the evening peering out the window, venturing out to take a some pictures, before being chased away by the smoke and the fear of certain fire-related accidents occurring.

 I am happy to report no one fell into the fire pit. Several branches were sacrificed for the good of the fire, but other then that all went well. Which of course means, many more fires will be happening this summer.

So, yeah, thanks mom for giving us this AWESOME and DANGEROUS gift!

Friday, June 22, 2012

First & Last

Today was Jack's last day of school. He is officially a 1st grader now.  I would wax on all eloquently and sappy about how I can't believe he is a 1st grader, blah, blah, blah; but since he is 7 already, I feel like it is ABOUT TIME!

Here is Jack on the first day of school:

Jack's Desk

Reading Stories Before School Starts

Saying Goodbye

And here he is on the last day of school:

Um, yeah. We were much happier on the first day then on the last day. I'm not 100% sure why, I don't know if it was the excitement of school starting and all things being new. Or the fact that the sun was actually shining. But it was a much more enjoyable picture taking experience then what we had this morning.

Jack's Desk

One Last Story

Saying "Goodbye" to Teacher Liz
Luckily, by the end of the day when Brandon went to pick up Jack (and yes, I was home napping); Jack seemed just fine. He said he had a great day and that his favorite part was the party. I am glad for that, I am also glad that school is over.

I did find out that Jack is looping to first grade with his current teacher. That is good news, I think. She is used to my crying and rambling emails and/or phone messages. And I think she likes me, or she is just really polite. I'm not sure.

Either way first grade here we come!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What To Do On a Rainy Saturday?

Go to the beach of course!  We live near many different beaches, but rarely spend time there. Sad, I know, but I just seem to forget about the beach since most of the time our weather is cold, gray, and rainy. Not exactly beach weather.  But this weekend we were staying at my in-laws, while my dear sweet husband sanded and refinished the stairs in our house. It was a huge mess, and of course ended up taking longer then planned, but the end result is beautiful!

My mother-in-law has an amazing house, it could be on the cover of Country Living it is so nice. But that does not mean it is a good place for 3 very active boys.  Too many things could break (and have been broken) that I try to limit our time inside the house.  By Saturday afternoon we needed to do something, it was muggy and spitting rain, but not cold. So, I suggested the beach. And do you know what my boys said?

OH YEAH!  And so we were off. I grabbed my raincoat and an extra hot mocha, the boys choose sweatshirts and no shoes.

They were happy, I was happy, and it killed time until dinner.  I consider that a very successful trip to the beach!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This and That

Today as I was walking Jack into school I had a moment where I looked at him and didn't know who he was. All of a sudden he had changed, gone was the little boy who clung to my hand as we walked into school. This boy could barely stand to walk next to me. As I reached out to hug him, he visibly stepped away.  Not in anger, but more of a "mom, not cool" kind of move. I followed one step behind him watching him walk into school with his blue fleece hoodie pulled up, his long skinny legs sticking out of cargo shorts, and wondered who this boy was.

At his classroom I prepared to wait for the bell to ring so he could go into class when he turned to me and said, "I could go outside, you know." Okay, that's fine. As I looked down to make sure I had the other two boys, he took off. No hugs, no "I love yous", nothing. Of course I am thrilled that he has developed into this confident boy who no longer needs his mom to be right next to him. I'm glad that he has friends waiting on the playground to play with him. I'm glad he is growing up. Really I am. I am just surprised at how quickly it happened.  Is this my future, each of my boys pulling away from me as they realize I am really not that cool?

The other boys and I stayed at school to help in the library for another hour. As we were beginning to leave I happened to see Jack in the hallway.  "Be cool," I told myself. I gave a little wave and walked on. Feeling pretty proud of myself, then I heard, "Mommy, hugs?". I turned around and there was Jack, arms spread wide. I gave him a hug and then watched him hug each of his brothers. As we continued on out the door I heard Jack say to his friends, "That's my mommy". In his little baby-talk voice.

And there was the Jack I knew.

During the whole time we were at the library Micah and Finn were: A W E S O M E. They sat quietly and read books, played a game together, looked at magazines and never once touched the computers.  I was feeling quite proud of myself and how well-behaved the boys were. I secretly hoped the librarian was impressed with my parenting skills and thinking these were the most well-behaved boys she had ever seen.

Of course I did not share the secret to my success today.  I have to confess I completely bribed the boys for their good behavior. They were promised Top Pot doughnuts IF they were quiet and did not play on the computers. So their entire behavior in the library was not done because they are quiet, well-behaved boys, but because they were motivated by the deliciousness that are Top Pot doughnuts.

Poor parenting? I think not. Did I mention that they were QUIET and WELL-BEHAVED. I will still give myself a pat on the back, because sometimes those days are few and far between.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Done and Done

I am sure anyone who reads this blog has been waiting with bated breath wondering if I ever made my phone calls. Be ready to exhale, I am back to tell of the 50/50 success of my phone call making extravaganza.

Out of 4 calls I had to make, I successful called and made 2 appointments. Feel free to applaud.

This Friday we will take my middle son for a hearing evaluation, where I can not wait to watch their reactions when I say, "well, it seems like he can't hear me because he never does what I ask him to do".

In two weeks my oldest son has his follow up with the asthma specialist, where I will sit and nod throughout the appointment and then leave and ask my husband what it was he just said.

The other two phone calls were not as successful, but I did make them, sort-of. I left a message at one, where I was informed to wait AT LEAST two days before expecting a response. That's fine, I'm in no hurry. Just picking up the phone was a big step.

The last phone call I had to make, I quickly checked the website and found that wonder of wonders, you can send an email and ask them to contact you! Even better, no awkward phone message with lots of ums and yays.

Now the next hurdle for me is to actually answer the phone when (or if) the above mentioned phone calls are returned. I never answer the phone in my house. Mostly because I hate talking on the phone.  Admit it, when was the last time you actually spoke with me on the phone? Probably not for a long time, texting and email are my preferred mode of communication.

What? Doesn't everyone avoid the phone at all cost and use it only in dire emergencies?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Today Is the Day

Today is the day that I will start checking off my long list of phone calls.

Today I swear I will finally make the follow-up call for my son to the asthma/allergy specialist.

Today I will make the appointment for my other son's hearing test.

Today I will call the other numbers I was given by my pediatrician and get on the waiting list for Jack to be seen.

But in order to make phone calls I need to get up from my super comfy chair, stop reading gossip online, and pick up the phone.

Maybe I will do it this afternoon.

Although, it's Friday so some offices could be closed.

I think I should wait until Monday.  

Monday is the day that I will make phone calls. I promise.