Sunday, April 29, 2012

As Promised

My computer space is finally free for me to download to my hearts content! As promised, here are some photos of The Tumblebus.

Happy Birthday to two of my amazing, funny, active, loving boys!

Now, to figure out how to make Finn's birthday equally special. Hmm...pony rides, maybe?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Wrong Number

Last week I was leaving my in-laws after yet another birthday celebration, when I saw by the side of the road the most perfect playhouse. I stopped the car and could not believe my eyes when I saw it was only $20.  To be even more perfect, I had $20 in my purse! I could not believe my luck!

But then I remembered I was not driving a mini-van. I was driving our Jetta wagon, which is a very nice car, but has zero storage space.  I looked behind me to see if I could even possibly stuff this plastic playhouse in the car.  Probably not.  But, my husband was driving our even smaller car and was just ahead of me.

Except he wasn't; he had taken off and was nowhere to be seen.  Add that to the fact that my phone was completely dead and I realized I was stuck. There was no way I could fit that in my car, I couldn't call my husband back to help me put it in his car, or even to take it back to my in-laws. I had been sitting there long enough that I was afraid the people who owned the house might come out and talk to me. I decided to write down the phone number and deal with it when I got home.

Unfortunately, I could not find a piece of paper in the car. Apparently, when I go away for the weekend, my husband cleans out the car. Very nice, except I was in desperate need of some scrap of paper to write on.  I found the one thing I had in the car and quickly jotted down the number and drove on.

Which is how Finn ended up wearing this:

I would love to say we are the proud owners of a like new $20 playhouse, but we are not. Apparently sharpies and diapers do not mix. The number I wrote down and then tried to decipher was a wrong number. Some very confused old man could not understand why we were calling him.

This diaper is now in the trash, having been used for its intended purpose and not as a memo pad.

Morale of the story: 

Don't trade in your awesome mini-van for a tiny station wagon because you never know when you will find something on the street and need to take it home!


Don't let your friend use your phone charger all weekend. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

And We're Done

The season of birthdays has finally come to a close. We have celebrated our birthdays with (I believe) 7 parties.  And, yes, I am a little embarrassed to write that.  Today we finished the birthday season with an incredible birthday party for the boys.  As much as I L-O-V-E birthdays, I H-A-T-E parties, and especially hate hosting parties. Which is why the boys have always invited one or two friends over for a movie/playdate.  They were happy, I was happy, it was a win-win.  

But this year Micah asked for The Tumblebus. Not that he had ever been on it, or even up close to it, but we would see the bus on the freeway frequently. And just the sight of the big red bus speeding down the freeway, would send Micah into a frenzy.  So, this year, I bucked up and put on a party for both Jack and Micah. There was some stress leading up to the actual event, including the fact that I was sure I had mis-scheduled the date. I was standing on the street 30 minutes early just to make sure the bus was coming!  But the actual party was amazing, and when I asked Micah what he thought of today he said: "It was the best birthday ever!"

Enough said.

Jack turning 7
Me turning 36.

Micah turning 5.

Pictures to come, I hope, of the actual event.  With all of my computer savvy I have managed to overload my poor little computer and I have been forbidden to upload any more pictures. Or download any more apps, or do anything really, until Brandon can fix it.  

Is there anyone else who is as birthday-obsessed as I am?  Feel free to share, I feel I may need to start a support group in the near future!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Two Down, One to Go

My birthday if over and done. I throughly enjoyed my actual birthday, the birthday date-night I had with Brandon, and the banana cream pie I ate all by myself.  But now it is time to start one more count down. The last spring birthday for our family.

9 days until this guy turns 5!