Monday, October 12, 2009

A Letter From Finn

Dear Mom,

I heard you were worried that I was sleeping too much at night. You even were getting up at night to check on me. Well, I don't want to worry you so I will help you out. From now on I won't sleep at all. Okay, that isn't truly possible so I will take very short naps once or twice a day. I will sleep just until you relax your guard and start a project and then "wah!" there I will be!

At night, after many hours of rocking, you can try to put me down. I will give all the signs that I am asleep, deep breathing, spit out the pacifier, limp limbs, etc. I will even let you lay me down, but once you take one step away from the crib, "wah!". Awake I will be!

You can even try sleeping with me. I really like that because I can eat whenever I want to. But everytime you get up to take care of my sick brothers, I will be waiting for you to get back. To show you how much I really love you, I will even give up some sleep and decide that 4:00 a.m. is a good time to just be awake. Oh, I won't be mad, I will just be awake so you won't have to worry.

See, Mom, it is true what they say about the third baby. I am pretty mellow, easy going, and adaptable. I will be the compliant one for you. I will do what I can to make your life easier.

You don't really like to sleep, right?

Love, Finn

Friday, October 9, 2009

Amy and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

This may sound a bit dramatic but it pretty much sums up my week so far.

Monday was a lovely day. I had a playdate in the morning where I had a piece of yummy pumpkin pie. Then we met a friend at a park in the afternoon. We got home just in time to make dinner before Brandon came home. Little did I know that was to be my very best day.

Tuesday the boys and I were up and out of the house early, on our way to spend the day up North. I stopped at my favorite plant farm, picked up lots of great plants, and then spent the day at my moms. It was hectic but fun and the boys loved being at "grammy's house'. When we got home the weather was still nice and I had some plants I dug up from my mom's yard to plant. Pretty soon the phone rings and it was my husband. I kid you not, this was the phone conversation we had:
Me: Hello?
B: Um, I'm sorry but I fell off my bike.
Me: Oh, okay, do you need us to come get you?
B: No
Me: Okay, so you will be late?
B: Well, yes, actually they are taking me to the hospital. NW.
Me: The ambulance is there?
B: Yes
Me: Are you hurt?
B: No it is just a precaution, a paramedic was driving by.
Me: Okay, so you're not hurt. But we need to go to the ER to get you?
B: Yes
Me: Okay, I will get McD's for the boys and be there.
Called a few people, packed up the boys and off we went. When we trailed into the ER, me carrying the baby in his carseat and an orange drink, J. with his happy meal and drink, and Micah with his happy meal open as he was stealing french fries, we were startled to see Brandon. We turn the corner and see him sitting on the bed, blood pouring down his neck from the cut to his chin, his arm wrapped in gauze, and him saying the pain was a level '7' when the dr. tried to move his arm. So, not really a precaution, huh.

Wednesday I had to pick J. up early from preschool drive everyone to the dentist to see if Brandon had knocked his tooth loose with his fall, try to get the boys to eat a picnic lunch at the park, and get them home with no one falling asleep. That evening we were putting shoes on to take the older 2 to church when I realized M. felt warm. Found the thermometer and sure enough he had a fever. I told him he couldn't go with us and M. just started sobbing. I was already running late and Brandon told me to just go. I looked at him standing there with his arm in a sling, the baby crying, and now M. sobbing and trying to put his shoes on himself. I said a few choice words about how I was feeling before leaving to go teach preschoolers all about forgiveness.

Thursday I got up at 5:00, went to work, left early because I had to get home to my sick baby and because my sister came down early to babysit. Got everyone fed, bathed, and into bed before collapsing on the couch. I spent most of the night worrying about my baby because he fell asleep at 5:30 and never woke up until the next morning. I kept getting up to check on him because I thought he should wake up to eat. Plus getting up when my toddler woke up crying and J., woke up to use the bathroom.

Friday comes along and M. is worse. I have to admit I am a little worried about Swine Flu. I have avoided all discussions of this illness because I do not want to be crazy but yikes, how do you know if you have it!? I called the doctor, was able to get an appointment, picked up Jack early again from school and went to the doctors. He is fine, at least they didn't seem to think he needed to be screened for S.F. On the way home the high school boy my husband asked to mow our lawn showed up. Of course the lawn is full of toys and Nemo droppings. I have to rush home, clean up the yard, get the kids unloaded, fed, and into nap time. I admit there was a whispered phone call to my husband where I told him how I felt about cleaning up all the piles left from Nemo.

Now it is Friday night, both boys have fevers and are cranky. My husband, if possible, looks actually worse then the night of the accident, and the baby is once again in bed. I have my favorite ice cream in the freezer, some flowers on the table, and Project Runway on the DVR. I should go to bed and get some sleep before tomorrow is here, but I think instead, I will lay on the couch, eat ice cream, and watch my favorite show. I need a little 'me' time right about now.