Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Can I have some more Tofu, PLEASE?"

The please was only added after my husbanded reminded "how do we ask for things". Then my three year old repeated this jaw-dropping statement but added please so that he would be allowed to have some.  

Trust me, I am still cringing at this. It all started when I read a recipe in my new Real Simple magazine. It was for a one pot curry rice meal. The picture looked really good, and I am all about one pot meals, so I thought I would give it a try.  The recipe does not call for tofu but for shrimp. I looked at the picture, I looked at the recipe, I tried to decide if I could buy and put shrimp in something I was going to eat. I was tempted but then I read the instructions. De-vein the shrimp. What? I don't know how to do that but it sounds gross and I would probably not be able to eat the shrimp after that. 

I still needed to add some protein to make this a full meal.  Chicken is my stand-by but then I couldn't have a one pot meal. I was really into the idea of only washing up one pan following the meal. So, I thought of tofu. I don't particularly like tofu but it would be in rice, the rice looked good, there were some carrots, I thought I could do it.

When it came time to eat the meal I looked at the big, white chunks of tofu and thought "what was I thinking?" It did not look good.  My three year old picked up one piece and asked what it was. I wondered if I should just tell him it is chicken. But my husband quickly informed him it was tofu. He put it in his mouth and chewed, I watched, waiting for the moment when partially chewed up tofu would come spilling out of his mouth. He chewed, he swallowed, he picked up more tofu! When all the tofu was gone he politely asked for more!

I looked at the baby's plate and his was also clean of tofu. They both ate it. I looked at mine. Still full of tofu. Okay, if a three year old and a 16 month old can eat it so I can. I picked it up, I looked at it, I put it back on my plate. If I take a small piece, mash it into little bits, put a WHOLE bunch of rice on my fork, then I can quickly chew and swallow before any hint of tofu touches my tongue. I shudder.  It is disgusting.

I quickly fill my plate with salad and bread. No more tofu for me. I will leave it to my husband and sons.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

After the Walk

When we got home the other day from our nice little walk to coffee, I realized I had left the back door open. This was even more concerning because our neighborhood has had some break-ins lately. I quickly ran through the downstairs making sure everything was where it should be. When I stepped outside again to check on the boys, this is what I found:

How did he get so dirty???  I'm not really sure. I know the front yard is torn up as we are working on some curb appeal and there is lots of dirt, but really, what happened?  When I told Jack I needed to wash his face because it was dirty he said: "What I've got on it mom?" Umm, dirt, lots of dirt.  

Before we could clean up we had one more project to do outside.

We are in the process of picking out house colors and I was painting sample shades on the outside of the house. I kept hearing, "I'll help you paint" and it was so sweet I finally gave a paintbrush to my three year old. 

Of course the little one also had to be involved.

These pictures made me smile because they remind me of a time when I was little and I painted the side of our house with the help of my brother and sisters.  Little did we know when we were opening cans of paints and using our hands and leaves to paint, that we did NOT have our parent's permission like we thought we did.  Oh boy, were we in trouble!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A New Tradition

Today I decided the boys and I had a new tradition.  Several times this summer we have walked to the local coffee shop, but today I realized we tend to go most often on Tuesdays.  Every other Tuesday is Bible Study and the off Tuesday is my night to clean my house. Since I know I have somewhere to go or something to do each Tuesday I tend to want a mid-afternoon pick me up. Hence the tradition.

We get out the umbrella stroller, Micah rides, Jack walks.  We head the block and a half to Cafe Javasti.  Jack practices walking next to us, stopping at the road, holding hands to cross the road, and jumping on stones. Micah just enjoys the ride. 

At Javasti, I order a double short non-fat latte and a butterhorn for the boys the share. While I am ordering Jack picks out the same table, the one closest to the door and the toys and gets out the legos. I bring back the cookie, put Micah at the table, and sit down with my coffee. The boys love the butterhorn, I sip my latte, and watch them eat and play.  

We stay maybe 15 mintues, not long, but enough to enjoy our treat and play a little. We don't talk much but we all seem to feel better after our little treat.

On the walk home I savor my coffee, Jack continues to work on following directions, and Micah still enjoys the ride.  A little sweet time with my boys and the added benefit of caffeine to hlep me make it through the night. What could be better?
Enjoying half of a butterhorn.

Building a tree with legos.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thank You Mom!

Today we celebrated my older sister's birthday. We had been having a very wet camping weekend and showed up excited for some good food and a dry table to eat at.  During dinner I found out my sister, who was supposed to also go camping until she realized it was going to rain, went and saw Mamma Mia! for the THIRD time last night.  Hmmm, that is not even fair.  Ever since the movie ended I have been dying to go back. I bought the soundtrack that night and have listened to it on repeat ever since.  

Once dinner was over and we were sitting there visiting, my husband came over and whispered in my ear: "Mamma Mia!, Marysville, 4:00". WHAT???!! He is even willing to go.  I subtly asked: "When is Michelle opening her presents, Lisa, Brandon and I are going to see Mamma Mia!". Everyone started talking at once.  When it was all said and done, both my sisters were going, my brother-in-law was going, and my husband and I.  I was giddy. My mom was left with 5 grandkids, two who were recovering from a weekend of camping.  But she just smiled and shooed us out the door.

I loved the movie even more the second time. I sang, I clapped, I laughed. You would have hated to be at the movies with me. My husband just laughed at me. He enjoyed the movie, even laughed out loud a few times, but was a little in awe of how much I loved it.

When we got home my boys had been fed, bathed, and were all sweet smelling. My mom got out the cake and ice cream and we finished celebrating my sister's birthday. Well, we did as soon as I was done singing and dancing to my favorite Mamma Mia! songs.

Thank you mom, for willing taking all the grandkids, and sending your girls out the door with a smile and a wave. It was the perfect way to end the day!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

While I was sitting at my desk reading other people's blogs (my favorite past-time) I heard, what I thought was little feet above my head.  Nap time should not be quite over yet, but if my older son was up, I wanted to get him out of the room before he woke up the wee one.  

I quietly tiptoed up the stairs, careful not to step on an creaking stairs, opened up the doors and peeked in.  I saw my three year old laying in bed.  His opened his eyes and looked right at me.  I quietly beckoned to him: come, get out of bed, be quiet, don't wake your brother, come on, we can watch a show (all just using hand gestures). He blinked once and rolled over to face the wall.
Okay, so that wasn't him I heard moving around the room. And I don't think he is ready to get up.

The little one is turning out to be my reader. See... he can't even go to sleep without holding onto one of his books. 

Sweet dreams baby boys.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The 'Other' List

Long ago I wrote about a list that my husband and I had hanging in our house, a TODO list of things that needed to be done before we could move. Well, that list is still hanging in the same spot. It really can come down now but apparently our design aesthetic is to have random paper taped to the wall with blue painters tape.

Tonight I am not talking about that list but a different list. The list of actors/musicians that you could *ahem* you know, wink-wink, if you ever ran into them. For years, engraved in stone, has been Toby Keith. With his hat on, of course. Loved him, loved his songs, went to his concerts every year. But, as with all things, Toby has lost his allure.

Today I saw Mamma Mia! and I have a new man to put at the top of my list. Pierce Brosnan. I loved him in Remington Steele.  Haven't seen a Bond movie since they replaced him.  Own and love The Thomas Crown Affair. I even enjoyed his turn as a bad guy in The Matador. But nothing put him on my list until this movie.  My mom and younger sister said it was the opening scene that did it for them. Watching Pierce Brosnan in his jeans was good enough for them. That was fine, but for me, it was when he stood in the doorway with his arm on the doorjamb and sang "SOS". OH - MY  - GOD! Never heard the song before and did not care. I didn't even care that Pierce Brosnan is apparently not a great singer. I loved it. I absolutely loved it.

On the way home I stopped and bought the CD. I have played the song over and over along with Mamma Mia, and Take a Chance on Me.  I am even trying to figure out how I can go see the movie again.

My List:
1. Pierce Brosnan
2. Johnny Depp (can I just say: Captain Jack Sparrow)
3. Hugh Grant (watching him dance in Love Actually makes me want to jump)

Who is on your list?