Saturday, May 2, 2009

Why Does it Always Rain on Me?

Well, it doesn't actually rain and that is the problem. For the past several weeks I have been slowly planting seeds both in my flower beds and now in my new vegetable beds, and transplanting flowers to different parts of the yard. Every sunny afternoon (and some chilly) we are outside weeding, planting, and getting our yard ready for summer. It has been very exciting to see the yard take shape this year.

Unfortunately, with all the planting and transplanting I have been doing I need rain. I hate to start watering this early in the year, especially when I know we will be watering alot during the summer months.  Each day I check the weather and hope for some rain.  This week it showed 2 days of rain. I was excited, not to be trapped inside, but to know my plants would get some much needed moisture. The rain did not come, some showers did, but the ground did not get a good soaking. Then we had 2 really nice days of sun. It was lovely but back to my water dilemma.

Last night I looked out at my recent transplanted flowers and realized they were not looking so good. All of the stems and leaves were on the ground looking very wilted. I knew I needed to get out and water them but I wasn't feeling so good.  I either have the swine flu or a sinus infection, it is hard to tell the difference. I rationalized my laziness by knowing it was going to rain today.  They only had to make it one more day.

I got up today all ready for rain. I knew we wouldn't play outside or take a walk. I had a very mellow inside day planned with the boys because it was going to rain. At 10:00 I asked my husband where the rain was. He checked his high-tech phone and told me it was at Greenlake, would be here soon. And he was right - not long after it did start to sprinkle. I was so happy. I kept checking the window, watching the rain, looking at the ground, not too long later it stopped. I went outside to check and the ground was barely wet. The area under the trees was still dry. It is early, I thought, and went back inside to wait for more rain.

Several hours and a nice nap later, I looked outside to see SUN! This was not expected and not necessarily a happy surprise. My oldest son was happy but I knew what this meant. I was going to have to break down and water my plants.  Outside I went, in my fat pants and slippers, and watered all the plants in my front yard and the new vegetable garden in my back. I even got to say "hello" to the neighbors on a walk, who were probably wondering why I was outside dressed like that and watering my plants on a 'rainy' day.

I finished up, came inside, and started dinner.  As I was cooking I realized it was getting darker and darker. I went to the window to see dark, gray, storm clouds, filling up the sky. My husband walked in from running an errand and just laughed. It's raining now, he said, and it was just starting to really rain. No sprinkles or showers here. Hard rain you can hear hitting the window and soaking all of my freshly watered plants.

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Michelle said...

I was going to tell you, your yard is looking awesome! All that hard work is paying off!