Saturday, September 19, 2009

Goodbye Westy, Hello Golf?

It was a sad day for our family as we let our beloved Westfalia Camper Van go. A huge factor in deciding to have three kids was the knowledge that we would no longer fit into our Westy. We discussed adding a 'jump' seat behind the front passenger seat to give us 5 seat belts. In the end, we knew that even if we could all safely ride in the van, where would we all sleep?
Since it was summer and good camping weather we listed the Westy one Sunday night. Immediately our inbox was full. See, we are not the only people to love these vans! A lady came that evening to look at it ready to buy the van. We were not so ready to say goodbye. The deal was done as she also fell in love with the van at first sight. She had already planned a camping trip with her 8-year old daughter and was so excited to have this van. One kid, totally you can camp in it, three not so much.
We still had to break the news to the boys. I had hoped to have one last farewell ride in our beloved van but it was not to be. When we told the older boys we were selling the Westy because we did not all fit, they asked if we could send Finn back. See, we all fit just fine when it was the four of us.
When we said goodbye for the final time, I had all the boys climb in the van (well, Finn was just placed in there) fora final picture. We had some good times in this van. Micah's first camping trip at 3 months, 11 days spent camping in it last summer, and countless adventures with Dad around Seattle. I even spent a week driving it around Seattle when our old car was dying. I made my husband promise me, we would one day have a Westfalia for just us. While tent camping is not my favorite thing to do, I did love camping in this van.
As we said goodbye to the Westy, we said hello to a little VW Golf. This car was intended to be used as my commuter car to Bellevue and for quick errand with one or two boys. It is VERY small but can fit all the car seats in it. Why is this important, you ask? Because since being rear-ended last week, it is the only car I have been driving. We were lucky to have just bought this litter car with 5 seat belts as our van quickly became un-driveable. You could probably drive it if you didn't mind stopping to pick up the bumper when it finally fell off the car you were driving.
As my husband reminded me just the other day, we were lucky to have the Golf as a second car since all the boys fit. The Golfy (as the boys call it) has been very useful but every time I see a Westfalia on the road my heart hurts a little. One day, I say, you will be mine again. But until then, I will just have to hold on to the memories.

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Michelle said...

I have fond memories of camping next to you in the tent trailer and you in the Westy! When we're old and retired, you can have a Westy and we'll have a little trailer and it will be just as fun. Maybe more!