Saturday, February 23, 2013

Loving Life

I write that title with a little hesitancy. I do not want to imply everything is sunshine and roses; there are still fights to referee, too much yelling on my part, not enough TV watching for me, and not enough time devoted to Brandon, BUT I am still very much loving my life.

We have been in our new house 1 week. Seems crazy that last Saturday we were waking up for the first time in this unexpected home. First time in beds, I should say, we had a few campouts a couple of times to try to get some projects done before moving in.  Compared to our last move, this one was amazing.  I joke that having movers saved our marriage, but it's not really a joke. And moving into a house with a kitchen and a fully functional bathroom was a luxury.  The worst thing we have to do is paint.  And unpack.  And do that with 3 kids and 2 dogs.

This week Finn did not have school, so I felt I was living a little bit of a dream life. I drove the two older boys to school, and then came home for the next 6 hours. No errands, no pick up times, no playdates. I did not see or talk to anyone, except Finn for two days, and I loved it.  Finn, myself, and the dogs went on a bike ride/walk each day. As we walked I watched the ferry come and go, sailboats doing whatever sailboats do, and even saw an eagle perched on top of a stag.  That makes me kind of laugh.  It was a time that Finn and I had that we both enjoyed, and I think the dogs liked it too. Each day I counted my blessings for this new home and the community in which we live. And, I shamelessly admitted, that I like suburbia.  Except for the composting issue, I currently have bags of food scraps in my freezer while I wait for the correct yard waste bin to be delivered. And yes, I realize that is disgusting, but I couldn't bear to throw all that food in the garbage! So, maybe, don't come over for a while. Just until I get the food waste all sorted out.

Other then that, and no doors on our bedrooms or bathrooms, which to an intensely private person like myself, is a horror of its own, life is good.

Moving Day

The view on our daily walk

My little walking buddy

Last picture of my boys on the front steps of our old house.  Some tears were shed. Mostly by me.