Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Where Have You Been?"

This is actually part of a song I loved listening to as a kid. It goes on to say, "I've looked for you forever and a day". It is actually a sad song and not quite the point of this post. Although, I did have a very sad entry I was thinking of writing after attending a funeral on Sunday. I obviously did not write it and now I am way off track here.

I know I have not written in a long time. It isn't because I have been cutting back on my addiction to blogs. Nope, that is still going strong. I check my set 4 each day, sometimes multiple times a day. I tend to get very upset when the blogs are behind in new posts. I was just there 30 minutes ago and it is still the same entry! Argh! I will remember other blogs I check once in a while or ones I have tried to cut back on as I tend to get very angry when I read them. So, I have been reading, but not writing.

I have had numerous creative, funny, emotional, poignant, blog entries composed in my head. Most of these tend to take shape as I am laying in bed at night. They are incredible, my sleep starved brain tells me! Unfortunately, upon waking in the morning, they are gone. Replaced with lingering memories of my extremely crazy dreams. Like the one where President Obama decided he needed to leave his wife because he was in love with me. I tried to tell him that wasn't a good idea, but he was pretty incessant!

Having our third son was harder then I was prepared for. I thought going from one to two was supposed to be the more challenging transition. I don't know who decided that, for me, going from two to three has been tough. It is getting better (not because Finn is sleeping better - he is not). I am feeling like I am getting my feet back under me. I hope this means I will find the time, energy, brain power, to write again.

So, dear friends, I will try to be more lenient on the blogs I read. I will not be so annoyed when they are not updated throughout the day, and I will try to write more then once in a blue moon!