Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Windy City

Any Calamity Jane Fans out there? All weekend long I've been singing:

I just blew in from the windy city
The windy city is mighty pretty
But they ain't got what we got, no sirree

That's pretty much all I know. The point is I went to Chicago this weekend. On a plane. All by myself. And, while this may not be a big thing to many of you, it was a HUGE trip for me.  I got on an airplane by myself, figured out the public transit system in Chicago, made my way downtown, where I finally met up with my friend.  Had a great 48 hours in Chicago, before getting back on the train and doing the trip in reverse.  My usual way to travel, especially by plane, is to pretend it's not happening and rely on Brandon to tell me what to do. I did rely on him to tell me how to navigate the airport, train, and when to get off at the right station. But other then that I relied on my friend. Good thing she likes to plan trips.

Here is recap of our time in Chicago

Momo, my traveling partner, is locked in and ready to fly.

Momo - that apple is not for you!

Momo is SO happy to have landed.

Momo is super excited to be on the train, a little worried about some of the other people on the train. Maybe he should just stay in the purse for safety.

All tucked in to for the night. Traveling is extremely stressful work.

Momo was so excited to see his first glimpse of downtown Chicago.  Hmm.

Momo had to take a quick shopping trip to Target to pick up all the things I forgot in my rush to leave for the airport.

Momo visits the bean! 

We did not come here to ride the bulls, Momo!

Momo, it's too cold to swim!

Coffee makes everything so much better.

Momo is all tucked in for the night.  

Wait a minute! Momo, what are you doing in my purse!

Momo didn't want to miss out on seeing the view from the John Hancock building. Silly, Momo.

Momo gets to ride in a taxi! Best part of the trip!

Coffee love.

Momo put your life jacket on. We are about to go for a ride!

Ah, Momo, finally you found the famous Italian Beef. Yum!

Momo can't wait to take off. 

Momo has landed. Such relief!

Home at last Momo!

Such sweet relief. It was great to see my friend, visit a very cool city, but I did learn an important lesson on this trip. Do not fly without drugs. The poor man next to me on the ride home may have thought I was headed to a funeral. Slight panic attack, followed by some not so slight tears, followed by lots of wine.  Even Momo was embarrassed. 

Friday, October 18, 2013


A pet peeve of mine is checking people's blogs, only to find out they have written a new post all day!  If it's been a couple of days, I write that person off, they are dead to me. Ironic isn't it, since this blog has barely been updated in the past few months.

I have many things to blame it on: raising three boys, soccer, Brandon, Brandon's hair, online class, Friday Night Lights. But it basically comes down to this: I'm just too tired. At night, when I can write, all I want to do is sit on the couch and watch TV (hence my obsession with FNL).  The effort to open my computer and actual write something that makes sense is too much. Plus, I may have had a glass of wine which makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside, but kind of kills the creative brain cells.

So for a little bit, I am just going to state, there will be no more blog posts. Hopefully not for long, I do have an insane trip to Chicago next weekend that I feel warrants a blog post.