Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bath - Yes, Baby - No, Up - Not So Much

We have a functioning bath again, complete with a real floor! 
The boys are so happy to have a bath in their house. Each night they ask to take a bath before bed!
After several false starts I have decided this baby has no desire to be born. So after church I was doing this:

For a family outing this afternoon we decided to take the boys to see Up. We knew it was a risky move to take Micah to a movie, but we thought with popcorn and candy we would make it.  20 minutes into the movie he was on the stairs eating fallen popcorn and slowly making his way out the door. Brandon and I have a rule, no movies while I am pregnant. I tend to cry at anything. I knew the beginning was sad, unfortunately that is all I got to see. I was able to be in the theater just long enough to cry and then follow Micah outside. I did hear from Brandon that it was a pretty good movie. I guess I will see it on DVD.


Alisha said...

Yay, I'm so glad you have your bath...after soooooo long of a wait! Does the shower work, too? (for you?) Yay!

Michelle said...

Your bath is beautiful! I love the stripe of color tile at the top. And now a floor too! Congratulations. And keep that baby in so I can win the "three weeks" to go prediction!!! You're almost there....