Monday, April 15, 2013

To My Mini-Me

Dear Micah,

Tonight as I was starting the wind-up to bedtime, I said something like, "It's been a fun, busy day, and you have all run all day, and should be tired."

To which you said, "Tomorrow will be even more fun and busy."

And I hate to admit that my mind went blank. When I asked you why, you said, because it's my BIRTHDAY.

And, oh my, yes it is.  We have been counting down your birthday for the last two weeks. We counted down as soon as mine ended. We counted down through Disneyland and back.  I woke you up today singing the "Tomorrow" song, until you asked me to stop. I spent all day yelling, "TOMORROW IS YOU BIRTHDAY". But then tonight my mind just froze.

I can not believe you are turning 6 tomorrow. Your birth story is still my favorite one to tell. You are the only boy that was born in the middle of the night. You are also the only son of mine that was a true surprise. I loved having your aunts there waiting to meet you, to see the tears on Oh-cho's face when you were born.  The moment your dad yelled, "It's a boy!" and I yelled, "Oh my God!", you become ours.

You are so special to me. You carry my dad's name. You are the one boy that truly looks like me, and therefore looks like my dad.  You have the absolute best expressions, and can make my heart melt with a simple grin or break with the sad-I-don't-want-to-cry but-I-am face.  You are truly an individual in my sea of boys.

Being the middle is hard. I blame most of my years in counseling simply on being a middle child.  Never first, never last, never to have your own room, being in the middle is tough. But you are the most perfect middle child. You have been a support to Jack, an encourager and a playmate. The way you look up to him, play with him, and of course fight with him, has helped Jack more then you will ever know. And yet, when Jack is gone, you turn and become Finn's playmate. You become the leader, the big brother.

You are an enigma. So brave, strong, fierce, outgoing, athletic, and yet sensitive and hesitant too.  You love to run fast, be tough, and talk big. But you hate, hate, hate amusement park rides. If the ride is fast, involves a drop, dip, or spin, you will not be on it.  And yet, in all other areas of your life you are exactly like an amusement ride. You are loud (which I love), fast, you constantly change course, and keep us guessing what will  come next.

You tell amazing stories so far you have told people you are blind, you can't use scissors because you are Egyptian, and you are half German because your socks don't match. With each story you give a little half grin and a shrug of the shoulders.

You make my heart melt just looking at you. From your perfectly kissable cheeks, to your still-toothless grin, you are truly my son.

Happy, happy, birthday Micah. I promise, when you wake up in the morning, I will NOT forget that it is your birthday.

Love, Mom