Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Top 10 Things I Love About Seaside

10. The beach - it is the only time we really go to the beach and I love sitting there watching the waves.

9. Norma's Fish and Chips - hands down best fish and chips ever. You have to order the full meal, otherwise you leave wanting more.

8.  Swimming - okay, that isn't really true, but I know my boys will love to swim in a pool.
7. 1$ Ice-Cream - even though you have to smile at the cheesy line the Candyman says with each scoop, it is good cheap, ice-cream.

6.  The Snacks - even though we are trying to eat more healthy this year, it is the one time I shop for chips and candy. We always end up with too much food and slightly sick stomachs, but it wouldn't be Seaside without nachos, Uncle Dan's and tubs of licorice!

5. No Men - sorry, honey, but this is girls (and kids) only.  I love that we take our kids on this crazy adventure, where we eat candy and ice cream, lay in our pajama's reading (okay not so much with the young ones now) and sit on the beach even in the pouring rain.  No man is there to say "So, what are we going to do now". This is it, this is all we do.
4. Pizza! - I love the pizza restaurant we go to the 2nd night, loud, family friendly, and yummy pizza. Now, if only I don't lose Jack this year, it will all be good!

3.  Tilt-a-Whirl - for 7 years I have taken my niece and nephew on the tilt-a-whirl, it is our tradition. We started when we barely had enough weight to make it spin once, to being able to spin until we puked. Unfortunately, I can not do the tilt-a-whirl this year and it is devastating to me!

2. Salt-Water Taffy - this year I will have to get a bag just for the boys, I don't share well.
1.  Sister Time - the whole reason we started in the first place. The one time we do something just us, some of our best stories are about what happened at Seaside.
Seaside, here we come!

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Michelle said...

Aw, your sister time is number one, while mine was like number 5! You might be a nicer sister than me!! And this year, E is home to take care of our Beagles....which is almost the best part!