Friday, May 8, 2009

"Stamp Out Hunger"

Tomorrow is the 17th annual "Stamp Out Hunger" food drive, supported by your local post office. Yesterday I had a blue plastic bag left in my mail box. I brought it in, but it somehow ended up laying in the middle of the floor all night. I knew where it was because I could hear the dog walking over it as I laid on the couch watching ANTM.  

I knew I had some cans in the cupboard I could put in there and be done. But then today I was reading the Seattle times and came across this article.  The Bible study I have been in has been going though the book of James, as is our Sunday school class. We talk alot about how to help others but can get caught up in the realities of life.  We tend to focus on all the obstacles in the way (time, kids, opportunity) of truly being able to have faith and deeds work together.

Now that I have become a Costco member I actually have a pantry stocked with dry goods.  Yes, they are for my family, and yes, I plan to use them, but do I have to have 12 cans of soup in my cupboard today? Not really, instead I went though and pulled out alot of the 'bulk' canned items I have saved up. I can go to Costco next week, the people who are standing in line for the food bank can not.  

I encourage you to fill your blue plastic bag with food and leave it outside tomorrow. The line for the food banks is growing, please, do what you can to help put food on the shelves for those in need.

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Michelle said...

I just picked my blue bag off my floor and laid it on the dining room table so I wouldn't forget it. In tighter times, I would toss in what I could afford to get rid of...usually something the kids had decided they wouldn't eat. But now days, it is not that weird can of black eye peas (what crazy recipe did I buy those for?) and but things like tuna, chicken broth, and granola bars. Thanks for the reminder!