Thursday, September 23, 2010

And Now, Micah's Turn

Least you think I have forgotten I have a 2nd son. Here is Micah's first day of preschool. The reason there are more pictures of Micah in his classroom is because his dad took him to school. He does not have the utter embarrassment gene that I do, that prohibits me from taking the camera into the classroom.

Happy first day, my second born!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jack's First Day of Preschool - Take Two

If you have been anywhere near me this month this is old news to you. Jack started preschool, again. He is 5, he is not a summer birthday, and yes - he should be in kindergarten. But he is not.

Last spring he had his preschool 'graduation'. I was lackadaisical about the whole affair. My whole family was there, but that was just because we were on our way to Seaside, not because we were celebrating Jack's graduation. He wasn't graduating, he would be back in the same class again this fall.

Summer came and the thoughts of preschool vanished. We had a good summer, lots of camping, trying new adventures, and spending time together. It wasn't until all my friends started 'back-to-school' time that I remembered that Jack was supposed to be starting kindergarten. When school started all my friends on Facebook posted 1st day pictures. I purposely left mine off.

The night before his first day, even though it was the same class, same teacher, and even had friends he knew in it, I still heard: "Mom, I don't want to go to school". And sad tears. The day of school, we picked up his carpool friend and took off. He kissed us all goodbye and went alone into the room. I was just thinking how good preschool was going. He is talking about the day, getting ready in the morning on his own, and excited about going. Until today. It is Sunday night, preschool is tomorrow, and as I was tucking him into bed he said: "Mom, I don't want to go to school."

I'm glad I only have to do this 3 days a week. I am glad we have this year to be with him and to love on him. I hope that next year when he does go to kindergarten, the tears will be few and that he will walk into the room on his own after kissing us goodbye.

But for now, here it is, Jack's first day of preschool - take two:

Monday, September 13, 2010

"He Was the Love of my Life"

My mom said this to me today at lunch. She started by saying, "I was trying to decide which boy I liked best..." and I thought, I have 3 boys and are you really going to tell me which is your favorite?? But then she went on and said, "But your dad, he was the love of my life."

To know why that is important is to know 2 things:
1. The two boys she was referring to were brothers
2. Both died in tragic car accidents when they were young

Yesterday was 32 years since my dad died. Most years the anniversary passes without a comment. Something my mom and my sister and I deal with on our own, but rarely together. Today when my mom came to my house I showed her a new picture frame I had hung up. It had places for 6 different pictures and I took out really old, bad family pictures and replaced them with pictures of the family I never really knew. My mom, my sister, my grandma, and of course my dad. I have one picture, the only one I think, that has my dad, mom, and me. That is all, no sister, no other family, just us. Another one shows my dad with an open wide smile. I have many pictures of him smiling. But they are more of a smirk. The look I can imagine him giving to make the girls swoon. This picture, though, shows him laughing, looking genuinely happy.

Today my mom gave me more memories to store away. Finding out my dad loved mayonnaise, in fact, did not believe there was such a thing as too much mayonnaise. I, on the other hand, vomit at the sight of mayonnaise and can not stand it. Kind of limits my choices of potluck salads, to be sure. He also loved tuna noodle casserole and green peppers. But the best thing my mom told me today was that my dad taught her how to make 'Swedish Pancakes'. These are not like the pancakes you find in restaurants, but are what I grew up eating. Now, I make them for my boys. I did not know that the recipe I have finally committed to memory, is the same one he taught my mom to make.

"I had a dream years ago" my mom said, " that I would one day have Carlson boys." Then she looked at my middle son and said, "You have one. And when I say Carlson boys - I mean that in the best possible way." I love all my boys, but my heart has a soft spot for the little boy who most looks like me, and therefore like my dad.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Everybody Dance Now

I found this video clip over on and of course loved it. What does it say about me, that several of my favorite movies are in this clip?

Obviously, it means I have fantastic taste in movies. Mama Mia, Seven Brides, Footloose, Grease, and of course Dirty Dancing, just to name a few.

If only I could dance like that. Although, if you put on some old school country on the radio during the 5:00 hour, you just may seem some pretty spectacular dance moves. Just as long as my feet don't move, I am a pretty awesome dancer.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh, How I Love This Man

There are the obvious reasons:
  • He gave me my 3 beautiful boys
  • He thinks I'm hot
  • He makes spandex look good

Then there are the less obvious reasons:
  • He willingly drives to Colorado on a 3-day weekend because I am too scared to fly
  • He loves to go on roller coasters and sit in the front row
  • He makes a mean rosette
  • He keeps me warm at night
  • He is handy with his hands - in building things, you dirty minds!
  • He will always say yes to coffee
  • He makes awesome Saturday morning pancakes
  • He offers to rub lotion on my feet frequently
  • He is secure enough in his manhood to purchase a pink bicycle for his keychain
And of course:
  • He can rock a pair of man-capris
What's not to love?