Saturday, July 25, 2009

What Made You Happy Today?

We started asking this question at the dinner table after hearing about it in a parenting class. We start with what made you happy, then mad, then sad.  We try to do this most evenings, but since Finn was born dinner time has become even more chaotic.

The other night I had gone up to check on my 2 older boys, to see if they were finally asleep. One was, but Jack was laying there awake. I laid down in bed to snuggle him and realized we had not asked our question at dinner. I asked him what made him happy today.  "Seeing D/L" was his immediate response. "D/L" are his 14 and 12 year old cousins, respectively. We only saw "L" today but their names seem to always be said as one.  I should have known this would be his response. We were lucky enough to have "L" stay with us on a sleep over. We went to a bike race, ate my favorite ice-cream, went to lunch, and even got to spend time at the beach. It had been a busy 24 hours, but his favorite part was just seeing "L".

I knew how much both my boys love their cousins but I was reminded of it again today. We had to take "L" up to meet her mom as our sleep over was at an end. I told the boys we were taking "L" home and we loaded up the car. Both of them fell asleep and slept all the way through the drop off and did not wake up until we were safely home. I had had some bad traffic and it had been a long day, so I did not think anything of it. I woke up Micah and carried him inside and sat him on the couch, where he immediately began screaming. I went back for Jack but he refused to get out of the car. I brought in Finn, went back and unloaded all of our beach gear and finally forced Jack out of the car. I put him on the couch and went back to get Micah, who at this time was SCREAMING, not crying or sobbing mind you, and clawing at the back gate. I carried him back inside and found Jack standing in the middle of the room.

He looked at me and his lower lip stared to quiver. "Where is "L"?" he asked. Oh no, was my first thought as I stared in horror at the big tears rolling down his face. I just assumed the boys were as tired and cranky as I was. I totally forgot they did not see "L" get out of the car and only woke up once we were home. They both thought she was still here. I scooped him up and held him close as I told him "L" was at her house. Then he just started crying. I can handle screaming, yelling, temper-tantrums, but the truly sorrowful crying just breaks my heart.  

I went back to Micah and asked him if he was looking for "L". He was. We had to go back to the car, look inside, before he finally stopped screaming. By this time he was bright red and starting to hyperventilate from all the screaming. I felt so bad.

I got them both settled on the couch, and even though it was not our schedule, I asked them if they wanted to watch a show. Oh, that would make them so happy.  I had one moment of peace before I turned on the TV only to find it broken. Oh, the tears started again.

We ended up being okay, and I was glad to know that seeing "L" made him happy, especially after the disastrous homecoming we had. 

Although, when I asked him what made him sad he did say "falling off the sled".  Hmm... not exactly sure where that came from.

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Michelle said...

Oh, how sweet and sad at the same time! L had a great visit with the boys, I'm glad she could come over. Next time, we'll wake them up. Oh Cho was sad she didn't get to say 'hi'!