Sunday, January 8, 2012

Best. Gift. Ever.

At Thanksgiving, my mom asked me if she thought Brandon would like a backyard fire pit for his Christmas present. Mmm, I think so, we don't have one, so sure.  My mom and step-dad, love Black Friday shopping and stood in line to get not one, but two, of these fire pits, to give to their son-in-laws.  I totally forgot about the gift until Christmas day when we opened presents. Brandon was thrilled. It was what he always wanted.

Unfortunately, I forgot that I have not one, or two, but 4 pyromaniacs. I'm not so sure giving a fire pit to this group was such a good idea.

Micah is very protective of the firewood


Blowing on the flames to 'help' the fire
Safety is our first priority

Gratuitous shot of Elsie
With the help of the iPhone app
 Watching the boys dance around outside, waiting for the fire pit to be put together and then the excitement of lighting the log, was priceless. The boys begged to eat dinner outside, because we had the fire to keep us warm, unfortunately, I was too late with dinner and the fire was out by the time it was ready.  Such a shame.

Brandon and Micah sat outside together, poking the fire, looking at stars, and making "magic" according to Micah.  Right there, I realized Brandon was right. This was: The. Best. Gift. Ever.

Thanks Mom and Randy!

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Michelle said...

That is awesome! I hadn't thought of putting ours out yet, but that sounds like fun.

PS always include a gratuitous shot of Elsie! She's darling!