Friday, June 1, 2012

Today Is the Day

Today is the day that I will start checking off my long list of phone calls.

Today I swear I will finally make the follow-up call for my son to the asthma/allergy specialist.

Today I will make the appointment for my other son's hearing test.

Today I will call the other numbers I was given by my pediatrician and get on the waiting list for Jack to be seen.

But in order to make phone calls I need to get up from my super comfy chair, stop reading gossip online, and pick up the phone.

Maybe I will do it this afternoon.

Although, it's Friday so some offices could be closed.

I think I should wait until Monday.  

Monday is the day that I will make phone calls. I promise.


Alisha said...

With those kinds of calls, I don't blame you a bit for pushing them off.

Michelle said...

Oh, for sure. I speak from a medical office background. Friday afternoon, if we aren't closed, we are all wishing we were! Monday is better.