Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Countdown is On

Today is March 1st. That may not be an important date to you but it is my second favorite day of the year.  Second, of course to my birthday, which is my absolute most FAVORITE day of the entire year. And yes, that includes my sons' birthdays, and yes, that probably once again points out that I am a terrible mom.

If you know me, then you probably know what makes today so special. For the rest of you I will just tell you: IT IS ONE MONTH UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY. Today the countdown can begin!

I love the anticipation of something, almost more then the actual event. I can't decide if that is a positive or negative attribute to have. But, it is what it is. I remember sitting in my US History class in high school and doodling in my notebook: March 1st, with a  heart around it. Really, I did, it's slightly embarrassing but I just want to illustrate how much I love today.

Unfortunately, it is not just about me anymore.  This is where I would write this sappy but eloquent paragraph about how the birthdays of each of my sons means more to me then my own birthday. My firstborn has a birthday before mine, 5 days before mine to be exact.  My second born has a birthday 15 days after mine. March 1st has a whole new meaning. It isn't just the countdown to MY birthday it is the start of our 'birthday season' as we refer to it in our house.

Today I said to my oldest, "It's March 1st, one month until my birthday!"

To which he said, "No, it's the countdown to MY birthday! 26 more days!"

And then my middle son jumped in with, "My birthday is after yours mom, but Finn's is last!" (Sorry, Finn, you are the only son not born in the spring!

I'm not sure if I should be proud or alarmed that my boys are becoming as obsessed about their birthdays as I am.  Especially since their birthdays tend to draw the attention away from my birthday. I am still grieving a little about the poor planning I did.

Oh, well. Today is March 1st, the sun is shining, and the birthday countdown is on!

26 days until Jack turns 7.

30 days until I turn 36.

46 days until Micah turns 5.

Oh Happy Day!

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Michelle said...

You guys are so funny! Although, I do mark the 4th of July as the start of our birthday celebrations, so I guess it's not that much different!