Monday, March 5, 2012

Learning Curve

This weekend I learned a few new things:

1. When spray painting outside on a windy day do not wear your nice Citizens of Humanity jeans, especially if you plan to wear those jeans to a party that evening.  Even though the spray appears to be disappearing in the wind, in reality it is landing on your pants.

 Also using a flat piece of cardboard would work better then a crumpled piece of paper.  Just another painting tip for you.

2.  When the temperature hits 50 degrees, that is not just shorts and t-shirt weather around here, that is swimsuit weather.  Saturday afternoon found the boys running through the yard in just their swimsuits, trying to stay 'cool'.

3. There is a chance I may be a little too lenient in allowing my boys to express their, um, softer side.

How about you, what have you learned lately?

1 comment:

Alisha said...

You could put the jeans on backwards and spray again...they might come out looking wearable????