Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Date Night

It's a "Where's Waldo" moment
A few weeks ago I wrote about taking Jack out to lunch, just us.  Now, I am not obsessive about making sure everything is fair and equal among the boys. This may not seem like a big deal but I come from a family where fairness means everything. My mom used to count each piece of chocolate candy that would go into our stockings, just to make sure they were the same. I don't even give the kids the same amount of gifts at Christmas. GASP! I can see my sister cringing, she who uses a spreadsheet to keep track of the equality of the Christmas gifts among her kids.  While I may not make everything fair and equal, I do know that one-on-one time with any of my boys is something very special.

Checking out where the ingredients comes from
So the other night Micah and I went on our date.  Earlier in the Advent season, I had mentioned something about Molly Moon's ice-cream. I think I was just wondering if they had a peppermint Christmas ice-cream for the holiday season. Micah suggested we go to Molly Moon's and look at Christmas lights. Just us, he said.  And so we planned to do a date night, just Micah and Mommy and some yummy ice-cream. Life being what it is, the date was postponed many times, but the other night we finally made it happen.

And it was good. Cold ice-cream on a cold, wet night, means no line. We sat at the bar, watched them make sundaes for customers, and even watched one of the workers make a grilled cheese sandwich on the waffle iron.  I ate maple bacon ice-cream, and Micah had kiwi sorbet.  We both agreed the other person's choice in ice-cream was terrible.  When it was over, we grabbed a pint to-go, and hurried home to the rest of our family.

Blink and you will miss him
When is it Finn's turn? Well, about that.  Being the youngest means he has three days a week where it is just the two of us. Mostly we are at preschool, running errands or cleaning the house. But every now and then we sneak in a quick stop at Top Pot doughnuts.  See, I can be fair and equal with the boys. Sort-of.

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Michelle said...

O.M.G. You are right. I was cringing and gasping! But having special dates with each boy is probably more important than the exact same number of gifts. Probably!

PS Now I wish I had some ice cream. Yours sounded heavenly!