Saturday, December 31, 2011

What's In a Name

Bringing home a new puppy is very similar to a new baby, except that the baby doesn't run, chew things, and poop on your rug.  Both wake you up at night, luckily for me it's the hubby's turn to deal with midnight wake ups. Both tend to be most alert at the exact time you want to sleep or get something done.  Both are pretty cute. But I have to say, I like babies more.  While Brandon is completely in love with his little girl, I come and go. She's very cute, love how soft and snugly she is, but I seem to only get to spend time with her when she is at her most wild.  Right now, I thought we would snuggle on the couch together, maybe watch a show while I sipped my coffee and enjoyed an hour at home with no kids.  Instead, Elsie bit the computer, bit my pajamas (yes, I'm still not dressed), jumped off the couch, and is currently chewing a cardboard box to pieces.

As Brandon left he said he was sure she was ready for a nap. Not so much.  She will probably fall asleep right when I get up to start working on the house. Then she will curl up in the nice warm spot on the couch and sleep away. Oh well, if worse comes to worse I can put her in her crate. Can't do that with a baby.

A couple of people have asked about her name, particularly her middle two names. So here goes.  Ever since we decided to get a new puppy, which was probably 1 day after Nemo died, I started thinking of names. I am always obsessed with names and would do the same thing through each pregnancy. This time, thinking of a girl name, seemed so easy. I really wanted Mae, because that was what I would have named a daughter, but that just didn't seem to work for a dog. I suggested Elsie and Brandon loved it, but the boys were not so convinced. Jack even said it was too fancy of a name.

Of course, Jack's only suggestion was "Henry", because that is what we name everything.  I explained that we would probably have a girl, and that Henry wasn't a girl's name.  So we suggested Henrietta, but not as a first name, because that is too hard to say. Or yell.  Once we picked Henrietta, Jack once again suggested another name. Ice-cream, because everyone loves ice-cream. Okay.

The day we went to get Elsie all we talked about was what her name should be. By then we had three names on the table.


Eva was suggested because the boys love Wall-E, but I could just see myself yelling, "Eeee-VAaaaaa" in my best Wall-E impersonation and I thought that might get old. Dory was offered to continue with the Pixar/Disney theme and name this new puppy the companion to Nemo's dad in the movie Finding Nemo. Both Brandon and I liked it, but the boys thought it was weird. So we took a vote. Several times, in fact. And, considering the only one who really understands voting is Jack, Elsie won with the most votes.

That is how this little puppy became Elsie Henrietta Ice-Cream Lonac.  


aisha said...

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Michelle said...

Is she bigger? She looks bigger! Our puppies would follow us around when they were tired, wanting us to sit down so they could sleep. They'd get whiny just like babies! I'd usually give in and settle down for a nap too.

Jenny said...

She is ADORABLE in that picture!

And don't worry, just keep being really boring every time you're alone with her and she'll catch on soon. That's what I did with Louie. After awhile he learned that time with mom is best spent napping and cuddling, and time with dad is for playing. He's chill with me all day and goes crazy the second Kevin walks in the door. It's awesome (for me).