Monday, July 18, 2011

Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Today I decided to once again attempt a trip to Value Village. If you will remember my last visit to this store caused quite a disturbance and sent me to therapy. Okay, not really, but it still causes nightmares.

Why am I returning? Well, in a moment of insanity my husband and I have decided to drive to California this weekend. In one day. That would be 14 hours of just driving.  I'm already regretting this decision (just the driving part) but the plan is set and now I need some distractions for the kids. I love going to Value Village before trips and getting the .99 bags of toys. New, to the kids, toys and books and we are set for at least 15 minutes of our trip.

Today as I headed into

I only had

It seemed that it would be easier, right? Except that I was slightly hindered by

So, the question is, how bad was this trip?

Not too bad. Really. I did swear to Jack that I would not stop in the clothes section. AT ALL. It was tough but I stuck to my promise. I did grab a stack of books for the boys (and earned 3 free ones), 3 books for myself, 5 bags of odd ball toys, 2 calculators, a box of pencils, and a stash of mini-notepads.

I will call this a successful trip. Aside from having to hand back a purple plastic purse that Finn was in love with. It didn't have a price tag and the cashier was unable to sell it to me. I could come back in the morning when it would be back on the floor with a tag attached. Um, let me think about that, no thanks! Pried it out of Finn's hands, and then ran out of the store before the crying could begin.

Pat on the back for me!

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