Sunday, April 17, 2011


I am feeling much better now. I will admit when I wrote that last post I was in a pretty cranky mood. The worst part was the actual event with my husband had happened a week or two prior, but obviously, I still had some issues.

But now I am doing better, really I am. I think the reason is I have had a chance to have some space.  Space from a lot of things it turns out.

Space from work, as I had Spring Break, which meant a Monday that I did not have to hit the ground running. A day to sit back and enjoy being home.

Space from the kids. A weekend away, even though it ended with a kid puking, but still some solid hours kid-free. Time on Saturday mornings that I am out of the house by 9:30. While that sounded early and stressful, the reality is, I am so happy to have some time to myself.

Space from vomit. Finally we have been a week without anyone throwing up. I couldn't be happier.

Space from the rain. I'm not sure if I would be this happy if I had not just had 2 beautiful days with sun shining.  I did not realize how much I was missing the sun, and the hints of Spring, until I was on a walk this week. The rain was gone, the sun was poking through, and I caught the first scent of Spring on the air. It was magical.

A little space was good. I can't promise that I will be the best nurse to my spouse in the future, but I will try.  Um, maybe.

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