Friday, April 8, 2011

The Puke Bowl is Not For You!

A few weeks ago the stomach flu entered our house. A very uninvited and unwelcome guest. One who is unfortunately still around. The first one to get sick was Micah. He is such a sweet little boy but one who is always moving. As soon as he says his stomach hurts or he is clingy and cranky, I should be aware that he is probably under the weather. I don't, though, I tend to be slightly annoyed and frustrated that this boy is whining, clinging to me, and prone to tears.  Then he throws up and I feel bad. Really, after the third time, you would think I would catch on and be a little more aware of the situation.

Micah first got sick in the night, after changing the sheets for the third time, we settled him down again and gave him the 'puke bowl'. I am sure you have one or had one as a kid. It is the designated bowl for when you are sick. It goes by the side of the bed, next to the couch, wherever you are.   I have been lucky and the few times we have battled this type of virus, the two older boys figure out how to use the bowl. I understand that this is a tricky concept that not all kids get.

Once the initial throwing up is over, the puke bowl is properly sanitized and put in the basement until next time.

A few days after Micah was sick, I woke up to my husband not feeling well.  I am pretty sure I have mentioned before that my nursing skills do not stretch to cover my spouse. And, yes, I do know that this makes me a terrible wife. Okay, maybe not terrible, but definitely not a kind, loving one (at least when sickness is present).  At first Brandon is just tired, then he says he doesn't feel well, finally saying he is nauseous.

I am not sympathetic to begin with and as soon as he says "nauseous" and heads to bed, I am for lack of a better word; pissed.  After spending a total of 9 months nauseous, through 3 pregnancies, working full time, taking care of two kids, I have ZERO sympathy for nausea.  If you aren't puking, get up.  Don't be a wuss.

So, all of this is going on as I am re-adjusting my plans for the day. Trying to get the kids ready for school, figure out what Brandon is doing today, and realizing that the secret date night I had planned was not going to be happening.  I was, to put it mildly, not in a good mood.

And then I walk into the bathroom. Right there next to the toilet is the puke bowl.  WHAT?!  Why is that up here? Apparently, Brandon felt he might need it.  Oh, no, I say. The puke bowl is NOT for you! As an adult, you have to be bed-ridden for the use of the bowl. Otherwise you can make it to the bathroom.  Again, don't be a wuss.

It might have been about that time that Brandon informed me that he had thrown up THREE TIMES. Oh my goodness, well then, you had better get in bed and take that puke bowl with you. That is quite alarming. Three times, did you say? Maybe you should go to the hospital? See a doctor? Oh, no, that's right, three times is nothing. Not until you throw up in an elementary school bathroom, with the smell of urine all around, and then return to class to finish teaching, will I have any sympathy.

And since you work in computers that will probably never happen. I'm just saying.


Lisa said...

OMG! I felt the same way on Sunday when Kevin informed me he needed the puke bowl! Luckily, he didn't actually need to use it...not sure if he understands that if he pukes in a bowl, HE has to clean it up! :)

Michelle said...

Erik is a firm believer in the puke bowl being for everyone....even me. He says you can't begin to feel better if you are hanging your head in a toilet! I'm okay with his belief, as long as he cleans the bowl out afterwards.

He does. Every time. My hero!