Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Finally Four

Two years ago I wrote this, apparently Micah has been waiting a looong time to truly be 4. The very first thing he said to me when he walked down the stairs was, "am I 4?" Since Micah was born at 1:16 AM he truly is four years old.

For some reason Micah's birth still brings me to tears. I don't know if it was that it was in the middle of the night, that I was convinced the baby was a girl named Mae, or that I had my 2 sisters at the hospital with me.  Before Micah went to bed the night before his birthday we looked at pictures of him being born (on the computer of course, I am a 'wee' bit behind on his baby book) and watched videos of him just minutes old.  It was truly a magical event.

And apparently, I really wanted a third child. You can hear in the background of one of the videos me telling my sisters that of course I will have another, I still need a daughter.  Didn't get a daughter, but one of the silliest boys I know. Can't imagine life without Finn.

Micah is so much more low key then his older brother. Jack cries that Micah gets the first pancake. "You can have it" Micah tells him.  Opening presents Micah looks to Jack to see if he wants to open it or even play with it. But when he opened his first Lego kit he said "my very own Legos!" It was awesome to see how excited he was.  Micah choose Mexican as his birthday dinner, partly because Jack wanted the little roll up tortillas they only make at dinner time.

The thought I kept having on Micah's birthday was about the ages of the boys. I looked at Micah, just turning 4, then I looked at Finn, almost 2, and then I looked at Brandon and said: "WHAT WERE WE THINKING??"" When Jack was 4, and Micah was 2, I was 7 months pregnant.  For the first (and probably only time) I will say I am glad I am not pregnant.  My heart still breaks a little to know I am done having babies, but the sane part of me is enjoying this new stage. The ability to walk out the door with only a diaper and wipes in my purse. No car-seat carrier, stroller, hooter hider, baby Bjorn, or diaper bag in sight.

 The Birthday Boy leaving preschool

 His special friend from school helping to celebrate his birthday

 Micah really loves fire

 Birthday morning - love this boy's hair

 His very own down vest, just like Daddy's

 A boys only trip to the zoo

 Can't you just see them behind the wheel of a car? 
Be afraid, be very afraid

Happy, Happy, Birthday Micah!


Michelle said...

That's so funny becuase M told me yesterday that he is 4 now. I had no idea 4 was such a wonderful, dreamed of age!

Karen said...

I love this blog...I love this beautiful boy! It is no secret that Micah is the spitting image of his great-uncle Frank but after reading this I know that he has the same sweet heart. I remember watching all the Carlson kids walking home from Sunday School years ago...Allen in the lead, Frank following behind carrying Susie on his back. That's the kind of brother he was too.

Jenny said...

Aww, happy birthday Micah!

Also, is a hooter hider what I think it is?? :)