Friday, January 14, 2011

Planning for the Future

We seem to talk a lot about the future in our house.  Simple things like, "when I get bigger I will ride a skateboard" to bigger issues such as, "how do you get to heaven".  This year especially, as I continue to take very, teeny, tiny steps away from baby-longing, we talk a lot about what we will do when we grow-up.  I, of course, tell them I do not want them to grow up; that they will always be my babies.  This seems to not be encouraging to my boys.

Jack has decided that when he grows up he will live with me. He will never leave me.  Jack is also the one that wants to make sure we die together.

Micah thinks he would like to go to jail or live in an apartment. He isn't quite sure yet. He likes to ask me questions like: "will you be sad when (insert name of close family member here) dies?"

Finn is the wild card. I'm not sure where he will fall in the range of 'never leaving' to 'see ya'!  Considering that I spent 5 minutes yesterday searching the house for him, before being told by Micah that he was outside by himself. I think he will lean more towards the "I'm outta here"mentality.

Oh well, at least Jack will stay with me to care for me in his old age.  Hopefully by then he will be wearing clothes and not just putting shirts on over his pajamas.  That would be weird, right?

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Michelle said...

D always said he was going to live with us, and never get married. Now he and Finn are planning to move to Detroit, cuz that place sounds like fun. Hmm. I'd rather go back to the first option!