Friday, January 7, 2011


I feel the need to clarify my last post.  If, you do not feel the need for any clarification, then please stop reading now.

I hesitated to write my iPhone drama as it would not seem to be very serious to some of you and could come across as whiny to others.  In both cases I would agree.  What I wanted to express was my complete frustration on losing this insanely nice phone, and also how now I am filled with iPhone-envy.

Brandon had an iPhone for 2 years before he bought me mine. Periodically he would ask me if I wanted an iPhone and I always said "NO". Obvious reasons listed below. I did not want an iPhone, feel the need for an iPhone, or care that I did not have an iPhone.  I was content with my phone and, as I mentioned before, LOVED my ringtone. Silly, I know, but every time I heard Pierce Brosnan sing "SOS" I would smile.

But then I received this insane phone that I quickly fell in love with.  Everything about it I loved, except that I could not get the same ringtone on the iPhone. I could get ABBA singing "SOS", but that was not right.

Losing that phone has thrown me into a tailspin. On one hand I am literally sick with the thought that I simply lost that phone. I can remember the exact moment I last had it in my hand, and I believe placed it on top of the car, I can remember the chaos of the boys, the battle of wills I was engaged in, and the stress of the event I was headed into.  I can not stop thinking about that moment and wishing I had done something different.

I am also now filled with iPhone-envy. Before I had my phone I remember standing with a group of friends discussing how everyone had an iPhone but them. I was fine, it didn't bother me. But now I am consumed with want. I want my iPhone back.  I do realize how shallow and selfish that makes me and am working on looking at my new/old phone with deep appreciation.

Yesterday at lunch, I was once again, dare I say complaining, about my slow, sad, iPhone.  My husband jumped in with, "I had that phone for 2 years and it was fine". At which point I asked (as he held his iPhone 4 in his hand): "Would you like to trade for the day? I will take your phone, and you can have mine?" No, was his quick reply.

I didn't think so.

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