Monday, October 18, 2010

Who Knew?

On my 30th birthday I did not have a fancy party, in fact, the actual day was spent driving to Grants Pass, OR and eating take-out in a motel.  But I did say that I was going to do something big when I turned 30. I narrowed it down to either, a tattoo, or fixing the gap in my front teeth.  Obviously, I chose the tattoo.  I loved my gap in my teeth, had always considered it to be kind of a family trait. One of my cousins on my dad's side has an even bigger gap. So, when I look at mine, I think of my dad's family and it feels like one more little connection.

Now I am turning 35, well not until next April, and the gap seems to be bigger then ever. It is in fact growing.  I asked my dentist and he confirmed that it was bigger and will continue to get bigger. This has caused me some serious anxiety. Maybe I should get it fixed now.  Close the gap, so to speak.

Then tonight I saw this.  Well, there you go. I think I am back in love with my gap.  It is not wide enough to hold a cigarette in, but it is handy as a straw holder.  I think I am going to have to find that documentary, a whole movie focused on 'gaptoothed' women?

Honey, I'm throwing away the night retainer, gaptoothed women are styling! Who Knew??!

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Michelle said...

that is awesome!! Don't fix it. It's so you, and shouldn't we all celebrate the things that make us unique?