Monday, September 6, 2010

Everybody Dance Now

I found this video clip over on and of course loved it. What does it say about me, that several of my favorite movies are in this clip?

Obviously, it means I have fantastic taste in movies. Mama Mia, Seven Brides, Footloose, Grease, and of course Dirty Dancing, just to name a few.

If only I could dance like that. Although, if you put on some old school country on the radio during the 5:00 hour, you just may seem some pretty spectacular dance moves. Just as long as my feet don't move, I am a pretty awesome dancer.


Michelle said...


Karen (Nelson) Tendering said...

That was more than awesome. Makes me want to spend the day watching my favorite dance movies! And to think I was raised by a mom who hated musicals...unbelievable!