Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh, How I Love This Man

There are the obvious reasons:
  • He gave me my 3 beautiful boys
  • He thinks I'm hot
  • He makes spandex look good

Then there are the less obvious reasons:
  • He willingly drives to Colorado on a 3-day weekend because I am too scared to fly
  • He loves to go on roller coasters and sit in the front row
  • He makes a mean rosette
  • He keeps me warm at night
  • He is handy with his hands - in building things, you dirty minds!
  • He will always say yes to coffee
  • He makes awesome Saturday morning pancakes
  • He offers to rub lotion on my feet frequently
  • He is secure enough in his manhood to purchase a pink bicycle for his keychain
And of course:
  • He can rock a pair of man-capris
What's not to love?

1 comment:

Michelle said...

And he really does rock the man capri look!