Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Gift of Time

I have been trying to look for a silver lining in the midst of the ongoing strike. Everyday I think of my co-workers who are walking up and down the sidewalks. I think of the kids missing school, especially the ones who rely on us to feed them breakfast and lunch. I think of the bus drivers, the office managers, the aides, who will also be feeling a financial crunch if the strike is not resolved.  I am sad for the choices that have been made to put us in this position. Even thought the tentative agreement that was given to us was not good, I am still sad we voted no. I had hoped to be back in school by now. 

Today I found a reason to be glad we were on strike.  For weeks now I have known that Jack's first day of preschool fell on a Thursday. This is my one day I work. It seems every year I end up working on a special day (the boy's birthday for example).  It wasn't too surprising that I would work on a special day again this year. I reminded myself that my husband never gets to do the special things. He is always working, and misses most "firsts". This time he would get to take Jack to school for his first day. I had already planned the outfit for Jack, had reminded my husband to take pictures, and was preparing myself to leave for work without even kissing Jack goodbye on his first day.  

But luck would have it, we are still on strike.  Not just on strike, but on shifts. I was not at the last meeting so I was assigned a shift. I walk the picket line from 12:30-4:00.  This means I can take Jack to preschool. I was so excited today to be with Jack as we got ready, dress him in his new school clothes, attempt to take pictures of him, and then to drive him to school.

What I wasn't prepared for was leaving Jack at the door and walking away. I took him last year for a one day a week 2 year old class and was in no way prepared to be emotional today. It was quite a surprise as I walked down the stairs and to my car quickly, so I would not be seen crying. It was a brief moment of emotions but surprised me none the less. 

My little baby is growing up too fast.
The strike did not just give me the opportunity to take Jack to school today, it also gave me time with my little one. Before picking Jack up, Micah and I had
 some time to be together. We stopped at our favorite coffee shop for a little coffee and scone.  Note to self, do NOT go there at 10:30 on a weekday. Apparently that is when only grown-ups with laptops are allowed in the coffee shop and not only are no tables available, no one is talking! After a few brief moments of screaming we were back outside with our treats and our drinks.  We sat for a while outside watching cars, buses, and dogs go by.  I took time to enjoy this time with Micah. Most days he is swept up in the whirlwind that is Jack and I miss the time I have to just enjoy him. We sat outside for a little while today looking at birds (just crows, Jeanette!) and smiling at each other. 
While I am anxious to have the strike be over and done, I will cherish the time I had today. Time to see my oldest start his first real day of preschool. Time to sit with my baby on the back step looking at the beautiful blue sky.


Mandy said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you got to experience this! And have fun time with little Micah- such cute pictures of them1

Karen said...

"Settle down cobwebs, dust go to sleep...I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep."

Moments like this are a true gift...Jack and Micah are growing up so fast! They will be teenagers before you know it - right, Michelle?

Jeanette said...

We've been seeing ravens down here in California, Amy. :) Matt's parents say the strike is over...back to work, then?