Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Do I Have Boys or Girls?

That is the question I keep asking myself when I walk by the playroom and see this:
To be fair, my mother-in-law got these chairs from her neighbors at a pseudo-garage sale. I mean pseudo because the neighbors had opened up their garage intending to clean it out by taking things to the Goodwill, when my MIL ran over. She saw kids things and assumed it was a garage sale.  Pretty soon more people stopped by and the family ended up making money off of what was just supposed to be a dump run!

When I heard they were pink, I said no problem. I can get replacement covers that are more boy appropriate.  I just haven't done it yet. I looked on line and the covers were a little more expensive then what I wanted to spend. Since I got the chairs for free I should not be complaining but I am kind of a cheap skate when it comes to my kids.  If you ask Jack where he got his new pants he will be sure to say "The Goodwill". His dollhouse - from the street corner. And yes, I did say "dollhouse".  

The stroller in the picture was not a 'free' find, but a requested birthday present for Micah. He loves babies and I thought he would enjoy pushing the stroller. He does. Sometimes it has the baby, sometimes cars, or planes, or balls. Whatever he finds to zoom around the house.

Should I be worried that the playroom is overrun with pink chairs and a pink stroller, not to mention the dollhouse in the kitchen?

I would be except in the other corner I have this:
What is that, you say? It is a mini-trampoline. The kind you will mostly find on the street corner for free, or marked down 75% at the Goodwill. Why do I have it? Because my oldest has so much energy that we are trying to find creative ways to burn off that energy, while trapped inside the house. With rainy weather coming I am in need of some good ways to get the wiggles out!

Besides, look how cute they are in their chairs:

Yes, I do have boys. Just boys who are secure enough in themselves to love the pink chairs!


Karen said...

What a great story! I wondered where those chairs came from, but I did always assume they were free. On Wednesday they were tents then slides...I don't think you have anything to worry about. Maybe the boys are color blind!

Mandy said...

that's hilarious, Amy! They're cute chairs, anyways. And I love that Micah wanted a stroller :)
Good idea with teh trampoline.