Friday, September 19, 2008


What's the only good thing about both boys waking up from their naps at 2:20, after only sleeping an hour at the most?

An early bedtime.

Why is that important?

Because hubby is going out to dinner with friends and I am on my own. At least now I will only have to make it until 7:00 before I can put on my comfy pants, grab a gallon of ice cream, and a good romance novel and settle myself on the couch.

I must confess when I heard the little one start to cry I almost cried myself.


Mandy said...

yay! An evening alone sounds like a dream! Maybe I should kick Matt out tonight :) just kidding.
Enjoy it! Hope they go to bed well for you!

Alisha said...

I know the feeling! Unfortunately, it's a 50/50 chance these days of Ian falling asleep by himself. If he does that, life is wonderful. If not, well, by the time I get him down asleep, I'm ready for bed myself leaving no time for me. Enjoy it! Doug's working late tonight, so I'm praying for the best.

Michelle said...

I remember that kind of moment! Hope you had good icecream. I myself had some skittles last night....

Karen said...

I'm SHOCKED that you still indulge in ice cream...and extremely PROUD!