Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jack's Plan

Memorial Day weekend once again found us in Seaside for our annual trip. This was our 11th year there, which seems insane. I remember talking with my sisters years ago about what would this trip look like when my oldest nephew was in high school. Well, now we know, we are still going, we are still having fun, just in a different way.  But that is not the point of this post.

One of the changes we did make this  year was to stay at a place with no pool. Not having a pool is quite upsetting so we had to find an alternate plan.  Little did we know Seaside had an amazing community pool.  No more freezing swims, the pool was almost like taking a bath. Albeit with 50 strangers, but whatever.

On the way to the pool one day I saw a church for sale. I am always a little sad when I see a church building that is no longer in use.  On the little country road my grandparents live on, stands a little white church. I remember going to services there, hearing my grandpa preach, being baptized there, watching my sister get married.  But with all things change happens, and for this little church that meant closing for good. And becoming someones house. I am sure they think it is cool that they live in an old church, but every time we drive by, I still feel a little sad.

So as we drove by this church I said, "Look a church for sale"

And Jack says, "We should by it"

I was so happy, in my mind I was thinking what a sweet, caring, godly boy Jack was.

And then he said: "And then we could tear it down"


Here is his plan:
We could tear down the church and then build a bank. That way all the money in the bank would be ours. And then we could rob the bank, but we wouldn't go to jail because the bank and the money are ours.

I guess that's a creative idea, and he obviously understands not wanting to go to jail, unlike his brother, but still.  While I was picturing buying the church and building a community, Jack was planning to become a wealthy business man who has a slight criminal side.

At least he's thinking.


Lisa said...

Ha! It really is a clever plan when you think about it! I miss Bethel Chapel being a church too...just try not to think about it when I drive by!

Michelle said...

This cracks me up! Planning for his future is always a good thing, right?!