Monday, June 17, 2013

Finishing Strong

For years I've been in a small group with this woman whose life I feel I am mirroring.   At the end of each school year she talks about encouraging her three sons to  'finish strong'.  She is so excited for school to be ending, for getting her boys back, and for no more homework! As a former teacher I was always slightly skeptical of how excited she was for school to end. Until this year. I have been counting down the days until my boys were finally out of school.

Being a new school this year I was unprepared for the amount of events that happened the final week. Between field day, final field trips, year end parties, and last day send offs, I was at school every single day.  And I kept repeating to myself and my boys, "just finish strong".

And finish we did. But maybe not as strong as I had hoped. I had plans for a special last day breakfast, a secret note tucked into lunches, thoughtful teacher gifts with hand written notes.  And then we woke up at 7:20.  Yes, 7:20. When we need to leave for school at 7:50.  No special breakfast, no little notes in lunch boxes, in fact no lunch boxes at all. The only thing special was the boys were able to buy lunch since I was too late to even make lunch.  We made it to drop off on time and with only a few tears.  It wasn't quite the morning I had planned, but I'll take it.

Micah's Kindergarten Teacher
Jack's First Grade Teacher

Here's to summer finally being here!


Michelle said...

I always count down the days till summer vacation! No more school or teacher's dirty looks!!

Jenny said...

They look so grown up! Now that they are out of school we need to set up a time to get together. :)