Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Miss Viola Swamp

Today was my 2nd day doing a job I swore I would never do: substitute teaching. When I was teaching, I would always look at the substitutes in the lunch room and shudder.  The thought of walking into an unknown class and try to keep order for 6 hours filled me with horror.  That and everyday would be a "First Day of Work" and I do not do first days well. But with the boys in private school and my completely taken for granted one-day-a-week job long over, I needed to find a way to make a little cash.

At first I was going to apply to be a sub in two local school districts. But the job applications were too long.  Instead, I took the easy way out and just became a sub at the boys' school. Pro is that I get to take the boys with me to work. Con is that I get to take the boys with me to work.

The first day I subbed was pretty much a disaster.  I won't go into the details, but I did not come out the winner in that battle. Even with a triple tall mocha, the boys still got a movie when we got home so I could sit on the couch and try to regroup.

Last night, I was called to come in today and teach in a first grade class. I said, okay, worked out childcare, picked out a work outfit, and tried to go to bed early.  Then I had THE dream. The reason why I never wanted to sub. I never sleep well the night before the first day of school, the first day back after vacation, or even just after a long weekend.  So, to have a new first day each day I go to work, means a crazy dream leading up to each work day.

I went to bed thinking of teaching first grade, those cute little kids, the stories I would tell, the finger plays and rhymes I could use, etc. But when I woke up I was remembering the classroom I just left. In my dream, when I showed up for work I was no longer teaching first grade. On this particular day, the teacher I was subbing for would always teach a different grade. This time, it was adult learners.  Think your typical community college class. Okay, not so bad. Except, that like most horrible dreams, I wasn't fully dressed. Not naked (thank god) but wearing a skirt and instead of a shirt, a towel. A slightly wet towel, wrapped around my torso and tucked in.  And, as with most towel-sarongs, this one did not stay up. So, I have arrived at work, to a class full of adult learners at a very conservative school, wearing just a towel that I have to continually refasten.  The worst part was that I did not forget to put on my shirt, I had decided to try a new fashion statement.  The towel was my idea of what was fashionable to wear, because I am always so on top of the latest fashion statement!  Once I realized that I was just wearing a towel and that truly is not acceptable work attire, I tried to just straighten my shoulders and pretend I was actually wearing a shirt.  Except I wasn't, and the towel didn't really stay where it should.

Luckily, my alarm went off and it was time to get up.  I am pleased to report that I managed to wear a complete outfit to work, shirt and all, and I had a pretty decent day. There were moments today when I remembered how much I love teaching.  The best part, by far, was hearing a knock on the classroom door and opening it to find my first grade son, delivering a 'special' message to me. And getting an extra squeeze from my other son as he ran to recess.

And that is why I am subbing. Crazy dreams, out of control classes, boundary pushing students, and all.  I get to see my boys while I work, and get a glimpse into their school lives. And I make a little bit of money, enough to pay for my haircuts and, obviously, shirts.

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Michelle said...

I love that you see the boys when you are at work. That is so cool! As to crazy dreams, you should talk to Leah. She has some doozies!