Sunday, October 14, 2012

21 Minutes

21 minutes is all I have left in my weekend of solitude. In 21 minutes, I should have all my belongings out the door and stored in my car. In 21 minutes I will be on my way to the grocery store and back to life as I know it.  As I sit here, in my lovely red velvet chair, I am not mourning the end of this weekend quite as much as I did last year. This time, I am ready to re-enter my life, to see my boys, kiss my husband, and see what life is like at home with 2 dogs. And yes, I said TWO dogs.  Knowing that a weekend of solitude can be a yearly ritual has left me with a sense of peace. Instead of holding on to each minute and wishing time would slow down, I relished the time I had, knowing it was a brief respite. And, knowing that it can happen again. 

Before I left on Friday I mentioned to a friend that I wasn't feeling that overwhelming need to leave that I did last year. That maybe I shouldn't even be going.  To which my friend replied, "but isn't that good that you are not in that same place. Why wait until you are desperate for space before you go?".  That sums up what this weekend was for me. Not quite the OHMYGODIHAVETOGO that it was last year, but more of a gift that I could look forward to and simply enjoy.

Enjoy it I did.  One full day with no schedule, no one to talk to, no one needing anything from me, a guilt-free nap, and all the reading or watching TV I wanted.  It was absolutely perfect.  I am already planning my stay for next year.

 A ridiculously hot shower at 11:00 in the morning.  Complete perfection. 

 Using my birthday gift card and store credit to get $140 dollars worth of clothes for $5. 

Attempting to replace my too small cowboy boots. Loved the store, but sad to say, no boots in my size. 

 The hill that left me panting and sweaty. Also could be trying to text, drink a hot mocha, and carry a bag of clothes while walking up this hill.

 Until next year, my red velvet friend. 

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Michelle said...

Looks like a great time! Slightly jealous....