Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Day

I thought I would take pictures throughout the day and have a little "Day in Pictures" kind of post, but I kept forgetting.  Instead of awesome Hipstamatic photos, you just get words. Sorry.

8:15 - Children's Autism Clinic for an initial evaluation
10:00 - Children's Hospital for Jack's second (and final) blood draw

Jack's prize for finishing his 2nd blood draw
2:00 - Playdate with new mom's from the boys' new school

Micah surveying the awesomeness that was this house
4:45 - Swim lessons where Finn opts to not go in the water for the second day
6:00 - Dinner date with hubby
8:00 - Jack White concert
11:50 - Finally home, exhausted and ready for bed

I can't wait for tomorrow, with no plans except a low key playdate at our house and swim lessons.  Oh, and take dinner to a family I don't really know.  But I did introduce myself to them on Sunday so they won't be totally confused as to why a stranger is showing up on their doorstep handing them food.

How was your day?


Kristin said...

Great choice on your prize Jack and yes Micah that is an amazing house, welcome to the King's world :) Miss you Amy!

Michelle said...

You saw Jack White?!!! OMG!!! We'd wanted to go but vacation plans got in the way. Hope he wasn't awesome. Yes, I said it.