Thursday, August 23, 2012

Like a Fish

Today marked the ended of our summer swim lessons. Last week was the perfect week for outdoor swimming: ridiculously hot and sunny.  This week the weather turned much colder, 30 degrees colder to be exact. I actually felt bad making the kids go into the pool The allure of the hot tub was enough motivation for Micah and Finn to last 25 minutes, Jack could have swam all night.

Micah is super confident as long as he has a life jacket on.

Jack and his swim teacher, Frances. And yes, I checked, it really is Frances.

The Pre-1 Train, look close and you can see the swim teacher's legs.

The only shot of Micah going off the diving board.

The only shot of Jack! He was too fast!

Until next year boys!

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Michelle said...

You've got some very cute water babies!