Monday, July 2, 2012


Brandon is great at offering up ideas in the form of, "You know what you should do...".  He is in fact always full of "shoulds" for other people, not necessarily for himself. I am having one of those days today. I know what I should be doing, but I can't seem to get motivate to accomplish any of my "shoulds".

I should...

  • Finish the toy sorting project I started last week
  • Work on the mountain of laundry piled in my room
  • Put away the too small clothes I have neatly folded into piles
  • Clean the living room - one of the only rooms not full of construction mess
  • Leave the ugliness of the house behind and go outside and weed
  • Finish putting away the odds and ends I brought home from Ikea last week
  • Take a nap - Oh Wait, that would be what I want to do, not what I should do
Instead I sit here on the floor of the playroom, surrounded by piles of toys and, let's be honest, crap, stalking strangers' blogs.  Not a particularly useful way to to spend the small amount of free time I have today, but it seems all that I can muster the energy for.  

I actually think a nap might be more useful then just sitting here. But that would require moving to a more comfortable spot and I am feeling too lazy for even that.  

45 more minutes until the boys return.  I'm kind of thinking I have accomplished all I am going to for today.  Which is pretty much nothing.

I should feel guilty about that, instead, I'll sip some more of my latte and ponder what I should do tomorrow.

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