Saturday, July 7, 2012

Real Life

On Friday I had plans. Great plans, in fact. I was headed to a preschool story-time/elementary art-class for my boys at our church. I had a gift card for Red Robin that was burning a hole in my pocket, and the boys had their last day of Little Gym. Which meant I had 3 hours to myself while Finn napped. It was going to be a busy day, but a good day.

At least that was my plan.  Rewind to Thursday night when my spouse says, "I want to take the boys on an adventure!" Fine, but I want to stay home. After a quick trip to a new ice cream store and their favorite park they were home. I enjoyed the time sitting on the couch drinking wine.  Then they all came in. Except for Jack, who came in hopping.  I guess he fell off the monkey bars and hurt his foot. Brandon did not seem concerned so I wasn't concerned either. Jack hopped his way into bed and that was that.

Until Friday morning, when he still could not walk on his foot.  I was unwilling to throw in the towel for my plans, but I knew I needed to at least call the doctor. The last time one of my boys had a mysterious injury, Finn could hardly stand on his leg. He literally, crawled around on the floor crying, until I rushed him to the doctor. Once there he calmly walked into the office and proceeded to show that I was an over-reactive mother. Not this time. I called the nurse, calmly explained what was wrong and that I was sure it was his toe, and I know there is nothing you can do for toes so....  Which is where things went wrong.

"Has he put weight on his foot since he fell?" the nurse asked

"Um, no, but he was in bed sleeping for most of the night." I tried to explain.

"Well, since it happened last night and he still isn't walking on it, we need to see him. How soon can you come in?"

Seriously?  There went my plans. Instead of heading off to see friends, eat a yummy lunch I didn't have to prepare, and attempt to do something productive with my alone time; I found myself sitting in the doctor's office trying to decide the extent of his injury.

Which meant the rest of my day looked like this:

It was a hot day, so sitting inside watching TV all day seemed wrong, but what to do with a 7 year old who can't walk?  Tents, blankets, books, and we were all set. It wasn't a bad way to spend the day, just not what I had in mind.

The good thing that came out of all of this is that we now know Jack is an amazing hopper. Seriously, that kid can get around on one foot like no-one's business.  He also told the x-ray technician, as he hopped his way down the hallway, that it was a good thing he still had one foot to get around on.

Way to look on the positive side of things, Jack!

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Michelle said...

Those tents are so awesome! B should build me one!!