Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's For Lunch?

Today was a busy day. One of those days where it seems to be lunchtime before I have even cleaned the breakfast dishes, or I would have if I was even home. We were at the bus stop at 9:00 to send Jack off to school. We were at Little Gym at 9:15 for Micah to demonstrate his awesome tumbling skills. And we were at our preschool to set up MOPS at 10:30. By the time all was said and done it was 11:45 and I was tired.  It is also one of those drizzly gray days we have been having all too frequently now.  All this to say, I was feeling less then excited about going home and starting lunch. It felt like a good lunch out day, but since most days feel like that, I'm not the best one to make this decision.

Just as I was getting ready to pack the boys up, I got a text from my husband:

Good day for a lunch with the boys, if u are up for it, rather they r

Oh, yeah, we are up for it.  But not for Red Robin. Jack had already had a rough morning and I figured coming home to find out his brothers went to Red Robin without him would be the final straw. Then I remembered this little hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant near our house. We had been there one Sunday night and I remember it being tasty and cheap.  When I suggested this to the boys, I received an immediate: OH YEAH!

Which is how we ended up eating phad thai, rama noodles, and spring rolls for lunch. Micah was happy to have a plate all to himself, and I was happy to not have lunch dishes to clean up. A true win-win!

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Michelle said...

Ah! I wish I'd had Thai food for lunch! Instead, I ate my pb and honey sandwich that I forgot to eat the day before. At least it didn't make any more of a kitchen mess.....