Sunday, May 6, 2012

Date Night

I spent all day Saturday trying to think of someone to invite to go with me to a community production of The Sound of Music.  Who would like to drive 30 minutes, stand in line for an hour to attempt to get good seats, to watch people you don't know in a so-so musical?  No one I could think of. Don't get me wrong, the actors did an amazing job, I just do not L-O-V-E The Sound of Music, like everyone else seems to. It's okay, but a lot of the songs are kind of boring and no really good dance numbers.  All time favorite dance scene in a play: the barn dance in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Awesome.

But, I needed to go, I wanted to see my cousin as the lead, and I really didn't want to go alone.  I asked Jack, thinking he likes singing and dancing, but he said NO. So I asked Micah. And I bribed him. First, I told him his big cousin Luke was in the play. That intrigued him enough to say yes. But then he changed his mind, he would rather stay home. So then, I  pulled out the big guns: Ice-Cream.  Of your choosing.

And that is how I ended up having an awesome date night with my middle son. He really did like the play, although we left at intermission, he spent the whole time sitting on the edge of his seat trying to see all the action on the stage.  On the way home, I asked him what ice-cream he would like. Molly Moon or Baskin Robbins.

Baskin Robbins is the best ice-cream he told me. So that is where we went. Rainbow sherbet for him, rocky road for me. Plus, some much needed one on one time with my middle son.  Made me smile all night long.

I love this kid.


Mandy said...

how can you not LOVE sound of Music?! I don't know if we can be friends anymore. Amazing songs, beautiful plotline, adorable children. Christopher Plummer in his prime...seriously- it's my all-time favorite.
glad you got a date night with your middle little man :)

Michelle said...

Are we even sisters? You don't love dogs and you don't love Sound Of Music? Crazy!! Glad you had a good time with Mr. M!