Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lighter Side of ThingsThe

On a different note, last week we were able to enjoy our first family bike ride for the year.  All 6 of us, including Elsie, went on a short bike ride to the park in our neighborhood.  It was a nice afternoon for a ride, and the exercise was good for us. Or should I say for me. I wore jeans, as it was cold, and found it quite challenging to lift my leg over the bike. Apparently, my jeans are a smidge tight, and tight jeans are not the thing to wear on a bike ride.

The ride home was my favorite part because it is all down hill. Even with Micah's 'power-boosters' helping me out, I wasn't sure I was going to make it up the hill on the way there. It's embarrassing when Brandon, pulling at least 60 pounds, is lapping me as I struggle to climb the hill.

At least my bike is hotter then his.


Jewels said...

Don't you love spring?!

Michelle said...

I love that you took Elsie!