Thursday, December 8, 2011

Writer's Workshop

A few weeks ago Micah asked me if he could have a desk like Jack. You see, this fall when Jack started Kindergarten, I rearranged his room and made him a desk where he could write, draw, create. He got a new little stool, markers, and big-boy scissors. It was very exciting.

When Micah asked for a desk I kind of ignored him. Sure, one day, I said, but really didn't give it much thought. Next thing I know he was carrying his little Ikea chair upstairs. When I asked what he was doing, he explained he was making himself a desk.  Apparently, Micah picked up on my hesitation to rearrange his room and create a desk area, so he took the task upon himself. He cleared out his nightstand, took out all the legos, books, pictures, and toys he had stashed in the drawer and cubby. He moved his chair right up to the nightstand and put his pencil and drawing pad in his drawer.  Then he sat there and drew pictures while Finn and I played. He couldn't take the time to play with us because he was writing. Just like Jack.

That was several weeks ago and I promised him we would paint the nightstand one day. This week I decided it was time. I still remember buying this nightstand, along with a dresser, at a garage sale when I was 13. I proudly painted it peach and moved it into my bedroom. When I got married, it came with me, still painted peach. It stayed peach until I decided it should look 'antique' and I very poorly distressed it. For the last few years it has bounced between bedrooms, playrooms, and basements, being used in a variety of ways. But now that it was Micah's desk, I felt that it needed to be painted, once again.

After a quick trip to Ace, we had our paint color, and yesterday I (with a little help from Micah) painted it

I love it. I was really worried when I opened the can of paint, but after 3 coats, I completely fell in love. It helps that Micah's room is blue with similar green accents. It, as Brandon would say, POPS. I love seeing the bright splash of color in the corner of his room.  I would take pictures of his room, but that would require cleaning it, hanging a new lamp, and actually attaching the knob. I just taped it on for the picture.

The best part is Micah loves it. When Brandon got home he was so excited to show him his new desk.  Now, if I could just teach them we draw on paper, not on walls, I would be good to go.

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Mandy said...

So cute! What a cute idea! Btw leta was making a postcard yesterday for mIcah :) she loves that boy!