Friday, December 9, 2011

Still Sad

Even though we have had a dog (and at one time two) for the past 10 years, I would never call myself an animal lover.  Sure, I like puppies, but who doesn't. They are so cute, and small, and cuddly. But then they grow up and become dogs. Big or small, they are still dogs and the affection I felt for the puppy doesn't transfer to the dog.

So, it has come as a surprise to find how much I still grieve the loss of Nemo.  I still rush to answer the door before anyone can ring the doorbell and cause Nemo to bark and wake up Finn. I still open the door when we return home and expect to hear him give one of his full body shakes as he rouses himself from his nap.  I still walk carefully through the yard expecting to step on land mines that Nemo had left for us.

I still question if we did the right thing.

Today I read this.  We still miss Nemo, we still grieve the loss that seemed to happen so quickly, we still remember standing there holding him as we said good-bye, we still can't believe he is gone.

Saying Goodbye


Bee that is loved said...

Oh, he was a good dog...

Michelle said...

The absence is the hardest part. I would move around our Sandy Hook apartment and expect to see Murphy in one of his cozy nap places or hear his toenails clicking across the hardwood floor... Our three girls have gone a long way to making me not so sad!