Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Table for Two

Today I had the chance to go on a lunch date with Jack.  Last week, I took his brothers to McDonald's after a crazy day running Christmas errands.  I'll admit it was a bit of bribe for the last store. It was one errand too many, but it needed to be done, so a quick "be good and I'll take you to McDonald's" and we pushed on.  Errand accomplished, McDonald's drive-thru and we were home. But we had evidence of our trip with the arrival of two new happy meal toys in our house. And of course Jack noticed and commented on them.

Seeing as how this was Winter Break, I promised him a date with just mom at McDonald's. I thought he would like the idea of McDonald's, but I didn't realize how much he would like the idea of a date.  All day he kept saying, "when is it our date mom?" or "are you excited for our date?".

At the restaurant he told me we would sit in a both so we could look at each other and talk.  He choose the perfect booth, one that held exactly 2 people and was blue because that is his favorite color. Jack refilled his drink, got napkins, and requested extra ketchup, all by himself. The only thing he was too nervous to do was to ask for a new happy meal toy. We received a girl one, and that was not acceptable.  After getting in the car, I get a big hug and kiss, and I love you mom.

While I personally hate McDonald's, going and sitting with my first born was one of my favorite things we've done. Time with him is rare, especially alone time, and being able to sit (even if the conversation was a little stilted) was awesome.

I love this boy.

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Michelle said...

Awesome! I loved it as my kids got older and we could do things like that. To sit at La Ha and munch chips and listen to them talk all about their day....the older they get, the better the conversation. And special Mom-kid time is so treasured, by Mom and by child. Glad you had a great date with your first born!